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your customized workout. wherever you are. all virtual.

LIVE virtual PERSONAL TRAINER in the comfort of your own space.

CUSTOMIZED WORKOUT programs to fit your needs and goals.

No equipment needed - we’ll help you USE WHAT YOU HAVE.

EASY-TO-USE TECH all you need is a computer, tablet, or phone.

stay on track with your goals

We know that your health, time and well-being are important - we have a personalized approach that will meet you wherever you are: at home or on the go. Whether you’re on a business trip, family vacation, or life adventure, fit your workout in easily and on your time.

All you need is a computer, tablet, or phone...and your personal trainer will take care of the rest!

meet virtually for your signature


complete a virtual fitness assessment to set the


get started by continuing your training


see virtual training in action

Workout live with your personal trainer on the go. Your trainer will take you through a customized workout while motivating you and making real-time adjustments to make sure you’re safe and maximizing your results.


  • Clean, spacious environment w/o the 'gym feel'; like not having groups of people at the same time! Trainers are professional and attentive! Judy B.

  • Personalized service. Trainers are easy to work with. Easy location.

  • My trainer Steve Johnson is great

  • Jon has concerns for you and all of his employees. He is there to listen to you for what you need and to get you the results that you expect. These are difficult times for him, running a business and keeping everyone happy, with the mandates that are set by our state. Lets keep moving forward and out of this unsettling time, train however you can, try the virtual, if you haven’t!