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May 2024 Client of the Month

May 2, 2024

I started back with FT because I know that I needed a consistent approach to working out and FT provides that. I don’t really enjoy exercise but I know I need it, and the best way for me to get it done is to have an appointment with a professional. I’ll skip workouts with friends, and I won’t workout by myself, but if I make an appointment, I show up, and that’s what FT gives me. Additionally, the different exercises at each session keep me guessing which means less chance for boredom.

We also asked her what changes she's noticed since adopting a consistent routine again...

Since I’ve been back I’ve noticed that I enjoy the consistency, and my morning appointments help me start my day on a solid footing. I know I’m getting stronger.

Here's what Julia loves about Fitness Together:

My favorite thing about FT are the trainers. Each trainer has a slightly different approach or focus and I find that the variety helps keep it fresh and surprising. I love their strong attention to form. Although I’m doing the lifting and exercises, they keep it interesting - plus, they’re all just really nice and easy to be around - why would I not want to see them!?

Nicely done, Julia. You're killing it and we're honored to be the ones witnessing your amazing journey! Keep it up!


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