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November Client of the Month

Nov 6, 2023

Andy is what we call an "O.G!"

Andy joined the Fitness Together family back in 2006 (maybe earlier... our records don't even go back that far!).

So, yes you heard me right... Andy has been an amazing client for 17 years!

His story is simple: Andy wanted to lose fat and gain muscle and he knew he needed someone to push him to do just that! He took his nutrition seriously from the beginning and his hard work and consistency has paid off. You would never believe that Andy is the age that he his.

Your Meal Prep How-To Guide

Nov 16, 2023

Everything You Need to Know to Get Set for Success

You already know that you feel best when you eat whole foods and stick to a nutrition plan that works for you, but it can be hard to stay on track sometimes–especially when life gets hectic. At a Fitness Together® studio, the team is there to support you! Everyone is in this together, and the personal trainers are excited to help you boost your wellness, no matter where you’re starting.

Setting Habits: The Key To Sticking It Out

Oct 6, 2023

If you’ve been able to hold onto that January motivation long-term, that’s fantastic (really). If your motivation has waned and you’ve found it tough to stick to those ideals that seemed so simple in the beginning of the year, you’re not alone–and we’ve got the tips you need to set habits that stick

Fitness Trackers: Are They Worth The Hype?

Aug 3, 2023

Wearable fitness trackers can be a great tool, depending on how you use them. Understanding the pros and cons of wearing a fitness tracker can help you decide whether using one is the right fit for you.

What IS a personal trainer, exactly?

Jul 10, 2023

Maybe you’ve always wanted to work with a personal trainer, but weren’t sure how to connect with a certified fitness professional. Perhaps you’ve been waiting until you’ve settled into a workout routine on your own before you go to a pro to take you to the next level. Good news: no matter where you’re at in your health and fitness, our certified personal trainers are excited to get to know you, develop a plan customized to your needs, and support you as you make strides toward your goals.

Recovery Methods to Boost Performance and Prevent Injury

May 31, 2023

Whether you are one of those regular worker-outers or not, these methods of body care, can help you feel better, improve stamina, mobility and circulation...They can assist in decreasing inflammation, improve skin tone and cellulite and even aid in boosting your metabolism.

Maximize Your Metabolism

May 2, 2023

Metabolism is a complex biological system in the human body that is often exploited by the diet and weight-loss industries. In fact, it’s a billion-dollar business that’s growing each year, as people look for ways to rev up their body’s natural ability to burn fat.

Making Movement Work For You

Mar 14, 2023

We get it– no matter how hard you’re working to get more movement into your day, it can be tough to get your step count where you want it to be. Any amount of walking is great for your health, and more is better.

You Can’t Hate Yourself Into Loving Your Body.

Feb 22, 2023

If you’re working to set up healthy habits in 2023, it can be tough to stay positive when the motivation of the first week of January wears off. When motivation wanes, you might start to notice that you’re focusing on the aspects of your body that you wish were different.

Forget Resolutions: We’re Building Habits.

Jan 27, 2023

When January 1st rolls around, it’s fun to get excited about a fresh start. Motivation is high and a clean slate on the calendar can make it feel easier to get started with the healthy habits that allow you to feel your best.

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