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March Client of the Month

Mar 8, 2024

Joan and Mario are the perfect example of "it's NEVER too late!"

Being healthy has always been a priority for these two, but it wasn't until their later years that they realized they needed a little help and accountability to offset the progression of aging while ensuring they do it safely.

Mario was a client of Fitness Together originally back in 2016 and rejoined the family in December of 2022. At 82 years of age, he has managed to put on several pounds of muscle, improve his posture and balance, increase his aerobic stamina and overall endurance! After a couple of minor fractures, Joan's doctor told her that she needed to incorporate strength training, so with that advice and the recommendation from Mario, she joined FT in July 2023. Joan has seen similar results: improvements in strength, balance, posture and stamina.... she also says that her "mental outlook is better. Even when the workout is intense, it's still satisfying." She has noticed more muscle tone and Mario has told her that she looks more "statuesque!"

When we asked Joan and Mario what they love about Fitness Together, they said, "We love the relaxed, family atmosphere and that we can work on having a longer, healthier life together."


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