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July Client of the Month

Jul 1, 2024

"I started at FT because I realized that it was never going to get easier to get fit and the every day that passes it just gets harder. We’re approaching retirement and we want to have a healthy and very active time and I needed to prepare.

Working out at FT has helped me lose 13 pounds so far and increased my endurance, strength and flexibility. I’m more willing and happier to get up and do physical work.

I love the family, encouraging atmosphere at FT. Everyone greets me and seems genuinely interested in my journey."

Well Pam, thank you for keeping it short and sweet but you forgot to mention that you've lowered your body fat % by 4%, lowered your resting heart rate, improved your VO2Max, gained flexibility, improved your overhead squat assessment to nearly perfect, and increased your push-ups, sit-ups, plank and wall-sit!

We can attribute Pam's success to her consistency and how hard she works when she's here. She stays on track with her assessments and often incorporates small group training in addition to her one-on-one sessions.

Pam, we just give you the tools. You have chosen how to use them and it's paying off. Keep up the great work and here's to another year!!


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