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Personal Training Success Stories

Get Inspired, Get Results.*

*Individual exercise results may vary.

Judy Mantone

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Chris C.

I gained my life back because of Fitness Together

If you're looking for a personal trainer who gives results, look no further!* This is an amazing testimonial from Chris who used an experienced Fitness Together Personal Trainer to help him transform his life! Do not wait to come in for your free consultation! Call us at (770) 351-9111 today to get started on your weight loss journey.

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Rachel T.

I had hit a significant plateau for six months after losing the initial 40 lbs* on my own. Fitness Together broke that plateau and it really started coming off quickly! I am down 16 dress sizes*. I am most proud to carry my "before" pictures (I never am without them) to encourage others and show people it can be done.

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Rebekah O.

For about 3 years I was pouring my heart into a job working anywhere from 60 to 70 hours per week which turned into eating a lot of junk food, not spending anytime to care of myself, and gaining a lot of weight. The problem wasn't that I didn't know what to do it was that I didn't have the accountability, discipline, and motivation to follow-through with what I knew.

The other problem was that going to a regular gym was completely unattractive to me. Then I discovered Fitness Together and it all came together. FT had exert trainers who really cared about my health and pinpointed my fitness and nutritional needs. They also gave me that accountability that was always missing as well as a close family atmosphere that made me feel I didn't want to let the trainers as well as myself down.

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Amanda C.

I lost 62 pounds* with the help of my personal trainer! I had gym memberships in the past, but never had success. I needed the motivation, instruction and accountability my trainer provided to achieve my goals.

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Jeffery S.

When I walked into Fitness Together I had no idea what I wanted to achieve.

I just knew that I needed a change, I needed to be healthier. The team at FT helped me understand and realize my fitness goals, and every session gets me closer to achieving them. I'm stronger, more flexible, I have a more powerful core and my overall well-being has received a tremendous boost! The trainers listen to what I have to say and always offer me sound, professional advice. Plus they keep the workouts challenging and interesting. I couldn't be happier!

After *

Steve F.

Fitness Together Dunwoody Client

“Being of a certain age, I had been feeling lousy and looking pretty terrible. I knew I had to do SOMETHING, but nothing seemed to work. I tried all the usual stuff, and you know what that cycle is like. I saw the Fitness Together ad and loved the philosophy of “One Client, One Trainer, One Goal”. I checked out the facility and I knew from the moment I walked in that this was what I needed. The staff immediately made me feel comfortable and welcome. Now when I come into train I feel like I am with my second family.

I noticed a difference in how I feel physically AND mentally within a few weeks of starting my program, and now I have lost a total of 80 lbs*, I’m sleeping better, I have more energy. I just feel great!

The Fitness Together approach is very scientific, and is tailored to my needs. If a muscle is sore we work it out. They listen to me and my goals and even are sensitive to the mental aspects of reconditioning your mind and body to love to live in a healthy way. And it’s FUN! That’s one of the most important parts. I just love it!”

After *

Lynn B.

“I have been fluctuating in my weight for the last 7 years. I finally decided to do something about it, because my idea of “eating right” and exercise was not doing it.

Completely tired of looking in the mirror and seeing the weight I had put on I finally said “enough is enough.” While complaining to a friend about it he mentioned a postcard he had received from Fitness Together. I called that day and had an appointment set up next day.

With a 50 lb weight loss goal I started with a 6 month program. The Fitness Together trainers outlined a detailed plan consisting of cardio, weight training and a nutrition plan. With countless other failures in my past I thought I have to give this a try.

Well, after the first four months I lost over 40 lbs and lost over 70 lbs in just over 8 months*! Most importantly, this time I have kept the weight off for more than one year! Although the workouts are tough, the trainers at Fitness Together constantly keep the workouts fresh and fun, and now I even look forward to my workouts, and the knowledge they have given me will be with me for the rest of my life.”

After *

Steven G.

After turning the big 40 and losing my mother at such a young age of 59, I decided it was time for me to get into shape. I was also diagnosed with sleep apnea the prior year so I had all the motivation in the world to change my lifestyle. I signed up for a Weight Management Program through my company, which included personal training. I had the option to choose any accredited personal training facility. After meeting Russ and his Team of fitness coaches, I was sure that Fitness Together was the right place for me. I preferred early morning sessions to start my day off completely different than I ever have before.

I worked out for 26 weeks and dropped over 50 lbs*. and have completely transformed my body and my health. I learned how to make working out fun. My trainers taught me how to eat, when to eat and what to eat in order to replenish my body and to trim the fat. The good habits I learned from the Fitness Together Team I will never forgot. I continue to work out every day and continue to transform my body. My blood pressure is normal*, my cholesterol dropped 50 points*, and no more Darth Vader mask (CPAP) at night!*

After *

David K.

Atlanta Business Owner

Except for that one horrific 2 hour experience in college, I had never been inside a gym in my life until I walked into Fitness Together. From the day I saw the logo (1 Client, 1 Trainer, 1 Goal) on the sign I said to myself, that looks like where I need to be. Every step of the way the Fitness Together coaches have been supportive and a source of encouragement and accountability for me.

Since starting my fitness program with Fitness Together I have lost 14 inches off my waist down from a size 44 to 30, lowered my blood pressure 30 points, and melted away 50 lbs of fat!*

My original goal was to go to my first physical on my 45th birthday and not get put on blood pressure medicine. We accomplished that the first 3 months of my program.*

The major differences I’ve noted are just what the Fitness Together crew told me to expect. I no longer tire easily so I have more energy throughout the day. I am now completely aware of the fact that my body never required as much food as I was stuffing into it.

I now eat healthier, I eat ‘normal food’ and I do not feel in anyway deprived. Instead, I feel like I am now eating smart – the way my body is supposed to function – and there is even plenty of overhead for the occasional cookie or donut!

Oh, one more thing. I have now completely changed out my wardrobe – twice.

I can’t say ‘Thank You’ enough to Russ, Bill and the entire Fitness Together Team and the major life change you have helped me accomplish over the past 20 months. I can’t wait to see where we are in 20 more!

After *

Maggie Eckard

I was way over my pregnant weight!

When asked why I workout at Fitness Together, I answer, "Why not?". The entire staff is very friendly, knowledgeable and motivating. I was over 200lbs when I came to Fitness Together. I needed direction and accountability. The trainers were outstanding. It wasn't easy at first but as the pounds have come off it got better every workout!* I now look forward to the next assessment to see how much I have improved since the last one.

I used to be too tired to even keep up with my kids, but that has all changed. I now have more energy and the trainers have helped me to be more aware of my eating habits - good and bad.

Fitness Together is an exceptional place with exceptional, professional trainers. Thanks for jump starting me and getting my health back!

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James L.

What is your overall feeling about Fitness Together?

Great culture for fitness.

What are the most important benefits you have received while training at Fitness Together and how has it changed your life?

Fitness has helped my overall health and mental focus. I am weaning off of medications.

What is your favorite part about training at Fitness Together?

Setting new goals and surpassing them.

Kathy N.

What is your overall feeling about Fitness Together?

I love the positive environment and staff (Demetrius, Matthew and Andrew are who I have worked with) Love that all the staff welcomes and encourages and instructs no matter what your fitness level is! FT is a welcoming place.

What are the most important benefits you have received while training at Fitness Together and how has it changed your life?

I have gone from being very out of shape and having achy joints to feeling strong and flexible. I feel my new fitness not just at the gym but in my everyday activities. I have also lost 25 + pounds and two dress sizes - and I now have bicep muscles!

What is your favorite part about training at Fitness Together?

the schedule is flexible, the training sessions are varied so that I don't get bored. I love the emphasis on weights because that helps to keep bones and muscles strong. I love working different muscle groups (arms, legs, core because I think that has made me more fit than just doing one exercise or activity.

Todd W.

Hi! I am a 40 year-old, cardiac patient, who didn't recognize himself when looking in the mirror. I have spent over 10 years living in a body I regretted and a body that did me as much physical harm as psychological. As a lot of people, I devoted myself to work in my 30s, thinking that was the appropriate direction my life should lead.

I didn't eat healthy, and I didn't exercise. I forgot the balance needed to maintain a healthy life. I tried losing the weight on my own, but I found myself getting pulled back into my old routines of bad food choices, working long hours, and forgoing exercise. All the goals I set for myself were getting further and further in the past. Unfortunately, due to my obesity and stress, I put so much strain on my heart I developed heart conditions.

The time for passivity had passed, and now in my first year of my 40s, I've decided to take another direction, a healthier direction. I knew that I couldn't reach my goals alone. I needed assistance. I had joined gyms in my 20s, but I couldn't see myself going to a big gym surrounded by people. My lack of confidence and embarrassment about my weight was too strong. I needed a place more private and personal.

After searching the internet and reading testimonials, Fitness Together suited my criteria. I didn't know how much the facility would far exceed my expectations. On my first day, in which I would have my first fitness assessment, I arrived at the Dunwoody facility. The facility is separated into several private rooms. I was so used to seeing row after row of machines in large gyms, I wondered if there was enough gym equipment for me to complete my goals. I have learned that I am quite unimaginative when dealing with fitness exercise. I am a person who needs dynamism to keep my interest. The diversity of exercises the facility has to work with boggles my mind. This ever changing structure keeps me actively involved. I am often confused at the beginning of an exercise, thinking how this motion is going to improve my core. By my 10th struggling rep, I fully understand. Left to my own devices, I would be stuck in a gym, utilizing the same machines every day, till boredom. I knew going into working out that I needed a reliable way to gauge my successes or failures.

I had read on the internet that Fitness Together conducted fitness assessments every 6 weeks; one of the reasons why I specifically chose Fitness Together. During my first assessment, I was surprised that the assessment had so many trials. My main goals were to lose weight and achieve cardio fitness. The fitness assessments have broadened my perspectives on what I can achieve. Most importantly, the printouts from the assessments have given me tangible results from the workouts. I have proof to my bragging. I love sharing my progress and my needed progress to my coworkers and friends. The assessments are inspiring, even the trials I didn't do well. Fitness Together has a component of success that I never realized would be so important to my own success. I have always been better at taking care of someone else than myself. I can easily devote time to a friend or work. I have found the trainers at Fitness Together to be uniquely invested in me beyond me just paying them for their time.

These gentlemen genially care about my wellbeing, inquire about my doctor appointments, and are determined that I reach my goals. They are so invested in me that I cannot help be invested in myself. I have a lot to learn from these guys, and I understand now that the learning goes beyond just how to complete an exercise. In the beginning, I had to weigh the cost of a second cardiac surgery to enlisting the help of fitness trainers. The decision was easy. Best decision I've made about my health in 10 years!

Tres Fromme

Fitness Together Dunwoody Client

Good morning, Russ,

I trust this letter finds you well. I have been working out at Fitness Together since late December of last year and wanted to take a moment to express my utter satisfaction, particularly with two employees, Jonathan and Eli.

Eli was the person who welcomed me and eased me into establishing an exercise routine, even though I was not convinced I would do so. He helped me set initial goals and supported be in building the initial exercise routine. Jonathan has assiduously collaborated with me to reach my goal - a loss of 20 pounds (OK, 19 pounds)* and the expression of muscle. Training with Jonathan has increased my motivation and commitment to both FT as a company and my personal goals. He is, incredibly, a "fitness facilitator" rather than a drill sergeant. This unique approach is quite effective and seems to be a hallmark of FT.

FT has the feeling of a "boutique" gym - serious yet neighborly and approachable. A major reason I chose and continue with FT is the lack of a "corporate" feeling. FT seems to have the resources of a larger company while focusing on an exceptionally personal approach and atmosphere. The overall ambiance, thankfully, is professional but not a "hard core" gym. For example, every trainer greets me by name, even though I have never had a session with them. Mercifully, you all push lightly on the whole "brand" expression other gyms seem to value over actual relationships with clients.

Jonathan has made working out into something I never thought possible - an enjoyable experience with obvious results. He has an extensive range of exercises and is quite skilled in sequencing them into customized sessions. Amazingly, no two workouts have ever been completely the same over three months. He is quite creative in responding at each session to where I am mentally and physically. The result - I remain engaged and committed; I grow stronger and healthier. Additionally, Eli continues to review my progress and is always available to provide advice. Unfortunately, neither of them will let me eat cupcakes as part of my diet. Sigh.

Please pass my compliments on to Eli and Jonathan as well as to all your team who make FT the exceptional experience it is.

Warm Regards,


Carder England

My name is Carder England. For 5 years previous to working out at Fitness Together Dunwoody, I led a very in-active lifestyle. Although, I thought I knew what eating right was and always told myself I wanted to lose weight. I didn't realize it then, but now I realize my energy level and life motivation were low. I tried to eat what I thought was right and knew it would be for the best if I became healthier, so I took a trial workout session. I cannot express how overjoyed I am that I took that class. The trainers are INCREDIBLY supportive and knowledgeable.

They built a plan that would work for me that was much simpler than what i had imagined. It was easy to follow and basic. The workouts are fun, and they raise my energy level for the entire day. After training at Fitness Together, I recognize what a difference it has made in all areas of my life. In 5 months of working out 2 times a week with the incredible trainers at Fitness Together.

I have lost 55 pounds*. I was hoping to lose twenty or thirty, and following the simple plan they laid out for me caused the weight to continue to drop off. I still love coming to my small group "PACK" training sessions and am even getting my girlfriend to start working out with me at FT. I can't thank the Fitness Together trainers enough!

After *

Barb S.

Fitness Together has changed my outlook on life. After feeling like losing weight and getting in shape was an unattainable goal, I called Fitness Together. It was my last ditch effort. I’ve been on every diet known to man, but never knew how to workout correctly. The personal trainers with whom I work at Fitness Together are very knowledgeable and they take the time to explain every exercise. To my surprise and delight, I lost a pant size after only 2 weeks and my double chin went away after 4 weeks.* In only 5 weeks, I’ve lost 13 pounds!* I love the new lease on life that Fitness Together has given me!

Monnie Hammett - 12-29-11

The first time I saw the motto of Fitness Together on a sign, “ One client One trainer One goal” my curiosity was peaked. I was 50+ years young and in terrible shape. I had spent the last 30 years raising a healthy family but what had happened to me?

I knew it was time for change, but the thought of a group class was too embarrassing and the idea a gym without close supervision had procrastination written all over it. I needed external and internal motivation and that is what I found at Fitness Together. My FT Trainers have listened to my concerns; designed workouts tailored for fitness and fun, and offered me strong ongoing support through their expertise.

In the past two years, training at Fitness Together has radically changed my life. I feel strong, energetic and inspired. Two months ago at my annual physical, my Internist was happy to report that my weight was down, my strength had greatly improved, my blood pressure was normal and I no longer needed to take medication for arthritis.* The smile on my doctor’s face was almost as big as mine! I was happier and healthier than he had seen me in years. I left his office with only one prescription, “Keep doing just what you are doing now! Don’t stop!”

A year ago I began to have a recurring dream that I was running. It was a great dream! Last month my trainer and I started doing just that. The first time I ran, I was thinking about all of the times I had dreamed of running and then it occurred to me, “ Hey, you are running right now- just like your dream!” This was a milestone moment for me that I will always remember!

My internist doesn’t need to worry - I can’t stop now. I feel so good! It is the best investment I have ever made!

Michelle Scoppa

Fitness Together Johns Creek Client

First of all, I would like to say how much I love the Fitness Together concept. I’ve worked out at lots of different facilities and have had many trainers but Fitness Together tops them all. I love the fact that when I walk through the door it’s all about me for one hour. I don’t have to compete with anyone else and have the trainers’ undivided attention.

I have been training with Dawn for almost a year now. She always makes my workouts fun but still pushes me to challenge myself. She knows I won’t quit but doesn’t push me beyond what I’m capable of. I don’t think I’ve ever left thinking I didn’t get a good workout. She always takes the time to make sure I’m okay from the previous workout and asks if there is a particular routine I want to do that day. I’ve seen my body take on a different shape and am very happy with the results. All of the trainers take an interest in their clients. I recently completed the It’s the Journey Two Day Breast Cancer walk which was 30 miles. Dawn helped me in my conditioning and gave me stretches to do while I was doing my training walks. I attribute the fact of finishing and feeling so good with Dawn’s encouragement and knowledge of my body.

All the trainers at Fitness Together- Johns Creek are dedicated to making you feel better about yourself. They encourage you every step of the way.

Tami Wolownik

Fitness Together Johns Creek Client

I first started going to Fitness Together in June of 2008. I had just celebrated my 20th wedding anniversary, which had made me reflect on all the changes of the prior 20 years. Most of those changes were good and represented happy memories. However, I definitely wasn’t happy with myself for getting so out of shape and not paying enough attention to my health and well being.

I had received one of the Fitness Together mailers several months earlier and had held on to it, fully intending to call and see what Fitness Together was all about. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it a priority until my anniversary. In hindsight, I wish I had made that phone call months before!

I viewed working with a trainer at Fitness Together as an investment in myself and long overdue. I signed a long term contract, not because anyone pressured me, but rather because I was realistic enough to know that change wasn’t going to happen overnight. In the past, if I didn’t see the change I wanted to happen quickly, I tended to get discouraged and go back to old habits; including both poor food choices and lack of exercise.

I also knew that for the program to be effective, I would need to be committed enough to go regularly, and not sporadically. Unfortunately, with my schedule working full time in a job that requires frequent travel as well as being a Mom to three very active kids, I knew the opportunity for frequent schedule conflicts existed most days. So, I signed up for the time that would have the least conflicts and work with my schedule-that happened to be 5:15 am on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I have been in the program for over 7 months now, and rarely miss a session. While I can’t honestly say that I am excited about getting up at 4:30 am three days a week, I am excited about the results I have seen so far! In addition, the continuous support that the Fitness Together team has provided, especially Randy, has been great! I have also discovered that finishing my workouts early in the morning gives me a sense of accomplishment and motivates me to eat healthy the rest of the day!

From the beginning, Randy made sure that the workouts were geared toward my abilities and fitness level, but was always encouraging me (OK-sometimes pushing me) and motivating me just enough to get to the next level. Even though getting up at 4:30 is not fun, meeting with the trainers and the early morning “regulars” is. Everyone at Fitness Together is supportive and friendly. The trainers are always focused on helping you meet your goals. Together, we have a good time while we work hard!

As of today, I have lost almost 30 pounds*, and my body fat percentage has dropped over 6 percentage points!* My friends and co-workers have all commented on the noticeable change, and I am proud of the progress I have made thus far. In fact, over the recent Christmas holidays, I have to admit that I was frequently bragging about leg pressing almost 500 pounds and display my newly “sculpted biceps” for anyone willing to look! Lets hope I don’t get too carried away with boasts and demonstrations when I hit my ultimate goal weight and shape! 

I know that I will hit my goals, and I also know that I will renew my contract with Fitness Together and continue to workout at 5:15 am three days a week. The Fitness Together trainers have provided me with the knowledge about both fitness and nutrition that I could do this on my own at the end of this contract. However, I know myself, and I now that just because I could continue to do this on my own, doesn’t mean I would. Training with Fitness Together provides the accountability that I need to stay on track. Finally, I don’t mind spending money on a good investment, particularly when it’s fun and healthy!

Christina C.

20 Year Old College Student

I had always maintained a decent size and shape and never had any health problems my whole life regardless of my lack of exercise and poor eating habits. The only time I had ever broken a sweat was running the mile in my high school P.E. class, and my idea of “eating healthier” was switching from a burger to chicken nuggets at my favorite fast food restaurant. But when I was 19, I was prescribed steroids for over 6 months to treat a brain lesion. I gained over 100 pounds in the first 7 weeks, and not too long after that I was confined to a wheel-chair for a few months. My joints were aching from all the extra weight and I didn’t know if I would ever lead a normal life again. My dad urged me to try a Personal Trainer Program at Fitness Together; and after the success he had during his time there, I knew it could work for me too. Just 2 months after being in a wheelchair, I signed up for a 12 week program along with 6 nutrition sessions. My mobility was mediocre at best, but just climbing one flight of stairs left me out of breath and lightheaded.

My goals may have seemed small, but to me they felt incredibly unattainable. All I wanted was to be able to walk around normally, stand for longer periods of time, improve my strength and of course learn better eating habits which I could utilize the rest of my life. After just a few weeks into my training program, I was blown away. My strength was improved drastically and I could walk around my house easier than ever before.* My eating habits were slowly (but surely) getting better each day. I was sleeping better at night and felt more energetic throughout the day. The trainers at Fitness Together were always encouraging and pushing me to try my best, even with my damaged joints. They were always cautious of my medical condition and worked together to build a special routine for me to help me improve every aspect of my health.

12 weeks later I can race up the stairs as quick as my soccer player brother.* My cardiovascular health has improved incredibly and I recover so much quicker after a vigorous workout. I can pick up and move things with ease and without straining much at all. The nutrition sessions helped teach me how to make healthy eating choices without putting much thought into “dieting” at all. Even in risky situations such as going out to restaurants or learning what triggers caused me to snack on junk food are addressed and fixed with ease. I learned that eating right doesn’t mean having a salad for every meal or eating so many carrot sticks that you turn into one!

Fitness Together not only helped me physically but also emotionally too. I don’t feel depressed or hopeless like I use to and I am much more confident and comfortable with my body today than I EVER was before.

If you are looking for a personal one-on-one training experience, I would highly recommend Fitness Together. The workouts are constantly changing and the trainers keep everything fresh and fun. I have never felt like “just another client’ while I’m in there. When it is your time to train, YOU are they only person that matters during that time and they make your success their personal goal. I have never once had to wait for a room to open up or become overly self-conscious because there were too many people in the building. They have successfully created a very personal environment which helps tremendously especially w hen you’re a 20 year old girl and the last thing you need is a crowd when you’re in a frumpy workout clothes and sweating (I mean-glistening) profusely. My life has been turned around just in a short three months, and I couldn’t be more grateful to everyone there who helped make that possible

Andy P.

22 Year Old Physicist

After years of subsisting on a horrible fast food diet and rarely ever exercising, I had become very unhappy with my body and general fitness levels. I was out of shape and decided to make an effort to fix that. Unfortunately, I didn’t see any improvement with my new diet and exercise routine, and subsequently, my motivation gradually dropped. I needed some professional assistance to achieve my goals, needed a guaranteed way to get back in shape and fix my diet once and for all.

I found Fitness Together’s website online and decided to give them a try. After my complimentary training session, I was assured that the trainers at Fitness Together would definitely be able to help me reach all of my goals. Without a doubt, they did exactly that!

My body fat decreased by a whole 8%* and my strength and endurance increased drastically. At the beginning of my program, I was barely able to finish the work-outs without getting sick and my heart rate skyrocketing. Indeed, my high heart rate was a serious cause for concern initially, and it took a long time to reasonably drop down as well. After a few weeks, I was more than capable of completing even the most challenging sessions. My resting heart rate dropped down by 15 beats per minute and I’m able to recover from strenuous exercises significantly faster.*

Not only am I pleased with my results, but I also thoroughly enjoy my training sessions. All of the trainers are extremely helpful, very friendly and personable, and more than willing to accommodate my needs. They provide a great source of motivation and support throughout the entire experience. The work-out sessions are not easy, but thanks to my trainers, (especially Misty) I always do my best and never really feel overwhelmed.

I wanted a guarantee that I could develop a healthy diet and effective exercise habits. Fitness Together most certainly delivered and now I look and feel better than ever. I highly recommend the one-on-one training experience that they provide not only because it works, but also because its benefits can last a lifetime.

Robert Coon

Fitness Together Ann Arbor Client

Hi Russ,

I just wanted to thank you again and let you know that I had an awesome time meeting you and Randy Warren at your Johns Creek location. As far as workouts go, with a personal trainer, that was the best introductory session I've ever had. Also, one of the single best sessions as well!

Between my experiences with FT Ann Arbor West and your studio, I'm a strong believer in Fitness Together.

If I lived in your area, you could easily lock me in for 50-100 sessions. If I were certified as a trainer, and hired, I'd very much look forward to working with you.

Keep up the success!

Robert Coon

After *

Greg Worley

Serious Results In Only 8 Weeks!*

I came to Fitness Together with an urgent request – I had only eight weeks to lose enough weight to fit into my suit for a black tie event. The nutrition guidelines and workout plan provided by the Fitness Together staff produced amazing results for me – I lost sixteen pounds* and 5 inches off my waist* in the first eight weeks and showed marked improvement in both strength and cardiovascular fitness!

As a busy professional with a working wife and two small kids, the best thing to me about the Fitness Together concept is that it makes the most efficient use of my limited time. No wandering around a gym trying to figure out what equipment to use or doing the same old boring routine. Each training session is different and moves at a fast pace that packs a comprehensive workout into a 45 minute period. The motivation and accountability provided by individually working with a trainer have been a key to keeping me on track to reach my fitness goals.

Ann S.

Never had tried personal training before but I'm hooked. It's the one on one attention and the trainers keep you positive during the workout. Everyone is very friendly and knows you by name. Thanks for all the support and encouragement!

Lon & Krista F.

The trainers are professional and friendly. We trust them to always provide a tough but safe workout. Our trainer always pushes us to our workout limits so we progress quickly and get maximum value for our time. We always leave feeling empowered - never humiliated. We have worked with all of the trainers at the Dunwoody location and they are all fantastic!

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