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What Do You Look for in an Ideal Personal Training Studio?

Aug 1, 2012

Location & Hours

Is the personal training studio near your home or work? If not, then it may become inconvenient very quickly. Try to choose a studio that is nearby so that you don't start making excuses not to go! Also, be sure that the studio's hours are compatible with the hours that you are available to train. Keep in mind when you start your search for a personal training studio, Dunwoody has many services that can help.


Some of the best personal training studios around are also the most reasonably priced. Be aware of what you are looking for in a studio and what you will be paying for in a membership or session fees. Price should also be judged according to location. A nearby personal training studio at a slightly higher cost may be worth signing up for rather than a studio that is further away but has a lower rate. If you don’t go because it's too far away, then you are wasting your money anyway.

Upkeep of the Personal Training Studio

The facility should be clean and the equipment should be well maintained. Check the machines for fraying cables or rust. Check the cardio machines for wear and tear and listen for strange noises. If the facility is dirty and the equipment is falling apart, then chances are it is not a good choice.

Selection of Equipment

Equipment selection is a very individual point that holds varying weights for different people. Some people like a wide variety of equipment and machines while others just need some benches, dumbells and a bit of floor space.

Qualified and Friendly Staff

Talk to as many of the staff members as you can to see if they know their stuff! All staff members should be qualified to help you if you need it. Friendliness is also important. A grouchy face when you arrive for a workout can drain the energy right out of you. If at all possible, check the qualifications of the personal trainer that you are going to be working with. Armed with a bit of knowledge, you're sure to choose to the personal training studio that is right for you and your needs!

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