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The One Secret To Losing Weight...It's Not What You Think

Jun 8, 2020

Have you ever wondered why it's so hard to lose weight, and even it you do, why it seems impossible to keep it off? Which diet is the right one for me? Should I even be dieting? Are carbs bad? What does keto really mean? These are the questions I hear every day from people, and in this article I'm going to share the one thing you MUST do to lose weight...

After growing up the chubby kid and being determined to figure out how to lose the spare tire and be one of those "fit and healthy" people, I finally got serious at age 27. I entered an International Physique Transformation Contest, slashed my bodyfat from over 25% to under 5% in just 12 weeks, and my life changed forever.

I was coached by some of the top natural bodybuilders in the world at the time, and I learned all about eating 6-8 "mini meals" per day to supposedly keep my metabolism running high and burn more body fat. I also learned all about spending hours and hours prepping all of my meals and carrying them around in my giant cooler full of tupper ware containers with each meal.

This served me well for a long time, and as I transitioned from being a CPA to a Fitness Professional and Personal Trainer, I even had success helping hundreds of men and women transform their bodies just like I did in as little as 3 months.

The problem was that for the vast majority of my clients, meal prepping and eating 5-7 times per day was not realistic, as they are mostly 50 or older and have real life responsibilities like careers and kids. I can personally relate now as I approach 50, and run 3 businesses and try to kee up with 3 kids at home!

The obesity rate is well over 50% today and while there are dozens and dozens of different diets, nutrition plans, trainers, apps, etc. it is not getting better, but actually getting worse. So, what is the answer? What is the secret?

It's as simple as order to lose weight you MUST be in a calorie deficit, meaning that your body is burning more calories each day on average than you are eating. There are a lot of ways to get in a calorie deficit. Some include low carb diets, only eating "clean" or "whole" foods, Intermittent Fasting, cutting out all processed foods, eating more smaller meals throughout the day, etc.

The one thing all of the above have in common is that they cause you to eat less calories and create a calorie deficit. Doing any of the above will "work" as long as your create a calorie deficit. The problem is that most of the methods people use to lose weight are NOT SUSTAINABLE for their lifestyle, which means they are setting themselves up for failure.

So, what's the answer? Figure out an eating plan (not a diet) that puts you in a slight calories deficit (about 200-600 calorie deficit per day to avoid feeling sluggish, risking injury or illness, or losing lean muscle tissue), in a manner that you ACTUALLY ENJOY AND CAN SUSTAIN FOR LIFE, or at least don't hate!

If you can do this my friend, combined with a fitness program designed for you that again you enjoy (or at least don't hate) and you are well on your way to SUSTAINABLE success!


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