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Veterans Apply Abilities at Fitness Centers Through Salute Your Program

Oct 17, 2013

How an Owner of a Dunwoody Fitness Center Can Make a Difference in the Lives of Military Veterans

A new program aims to give returning veterans an opportunity to find gainful employment once their tour of duty is done; and it already has its supporters among former armed forces personnel.

Mike Landers, a retired Navy captain and CEO of the Armed Services YMCA, says he commends the Salute You program. "I think ACE is being an innovator," he says. "They're taking advantage of an opportunity to provide a service to our military veterans. These guys are already in incredible shape, and they're used to routines and working out because that's part of the ethos of being in the military. Any one of these guys just getting out of the military could need a stepping stone, and what a perfect opportunity."

The American Council on Exercise, a nonprofit organization that focuses on fitness and exercise, is using a considerable amount of its resources to help veterans who have retired from their previous lines of work find a new occupations that are more applicable in a peaceful society. The organization is doing this through its “Salute You” program, the main goal of which is to provide education and certification for those aforementioned veterans so that they can enjoy a second career and have livelihood, while also helping others. The beauty of the program is that a Dunwoody fitness center owner can hire some of the graduates from this program and have them take their expertise directly to the people who can use it most.

Fitness center operators already do great work by offering more personalized training for their clients. Fitness Together and other privately-owned fitness centers that utilize this operation model are already helping their communities by providing overweight residents with a great way to exercise; and now thanks to the program devised by the ACE, these operators can do even more for their communities by enlisting retired military veterans in a different capacity.

A personal trainer in Dunwoody with a military background can really help clients of those fitness centers by just applying what they already know from their previous careers. In exchange for their valued service to their clients, the military veterans get good paychecks and a new career, which help themselves as much as they help their clients.

(From 'Salute You' Program Helps Veterans Become Personal Trainers, US News, June 27, 2013)


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