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Time to Schedule Your F.I.T. Consultation and Workout in a Personal Training Studio and Health Club in Dunwoody, GA

Nov 26, 2012

Do you have fitness goals? Are you ready to lose weight? It’s time to schedule your F.I.T. consultation and workout! Your F.I.T. consultation is a chance to discuss with a personal trainer your fitness goals and how to achieve them. Many people are doing a combination of workout and diet, but without the right approach, it’s not giving them maximum results. A personal trainer will be able to customize a workout and diet plan specifically to help you meet your fitness goals in a healthy and realistic way. Keep reading for four things to consider during a F.I.T. consultation and help you find the best personal trainer for you.

1. Communication. Communication is extremely important in a F.I.T. consultation.. Pay attention to how you potential personal trainer communicates with you. Does he or she take the time to confirm the appointment? Are they prepared for your visit? A personal trainer should communicate their potential ideas for helping you reach your fitness goals. Any advice should be healthy and sound advice, so if you hear anything strange--like diet pills or lose 10lbs in a day, look for a different personal trainer. Communication is the key to helping you work with your personal trainer and build a relationship.

2. Relationship. With open communication, you will need to establish a relationship with your personal trainer. It can be difficult setting up an appointment and then opening up to a stranger about your fitness goals. Give the relationship a chance by doing your best to communicate effectively. Your potential personal trainer should do their best to put you at ease, and ask you open-ended questions that help you to talk to them.

3. Availability. Towards the end of your consultation your potential personal trainer will probably discuss options for their fitness plan for you. While meeting three times a week might be optimal for results, it’s not always doable. Make sure that your personal trainer is willing to work with your schedule and availability, whether it’s once a week, or every day.

4. Pricing. Pricing is the last thing to consider when choosing a personal trainer at a personal training studio and health club in Dunwoody.. There are probably a variety of package options that will help you achieve your goal. Don’t stress if you can’t afford to see your personal trainer three times a week. Working with a personal trainer once a week is still going to give you good results--you will just need to be a little more disciplined about working out on the other day.

Call your local personal training studio and health club in Dunwoody, GA today to set up your F.I.T. consultation and workout! It won’t take long for you to be on your way to realizing your fitness goals.


Schedule a complimentary fit evaluation so we can get to know you and your goals and build you a customized training program to reach them.