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The Benefits of a Personalized Dunwoody Fitness Center Program

Sep 15, 2013

When you talk about personal fitness trainers you usually identify them with movie celebrities and well-known athletes. They're the people who can afford the high fees usually associated with these physical fitness professionals. However, these days, personalized fitness programs are no longer only for the rich and famous as more people are opting for one-on-one training rather than group sessions.

In fact, this has grown into a lucrative industry in many parts of the world that even in small cities like Dunwoody in Georgia; you can find a personal trainer. You may be asking yourself, however, if you really need to enroll in a personalized Dunwoody fitness center program, like those offered by Fitness Together Franchise Corporation, to stay fit? Gary Nunn, in a recent article published by The Sydney Morning Herald, believes a personal trainer is worth every dollar and more.

Nunn credits his having successfully lifted a 45-kg. dead-ball to his personal trainer when two weeks before he could not even lift a 10-kg., despite having tried 10 times. He claims that what he calls an accelerated progress would not have been possible without his personal trainer. After hoisting the 45kg. ball for the sixth time, Nunn is totally convinced about the benefits of personal training.

He justifies the expense for a personal trainer for three reasons. First, he considers it both as an education course and a workout at the same time. He learns more things from it than from sitting in classroom lecture sessions, while getting to exercise his muscles. Second, his personal trainer encourages him to push beyond his limits, which he could not do on his own.

Thirdly, Nunn considers his personal trainer as his life coach, nutritionist, and motivational speaker all rolled into one. However, as in all service industries, the skill, expertise, and experience of personal trainers can vary and one should be careful in choosing only reputable professionals. For example, a reliable personal trainer in Dunwoody is one that can address various fitness issues like weight problems, toning and tightening of muscles, or simply having better overall health.

Personal trainers look after your individual needs and design fitness training programs to suit all your body’s requirements. This involves developing the right strength through the proper cardio workouts and correct nutrition. As Nunn concludes, personal trainers deserve every dollar you pay.


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