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Should You Be Working Out at a Dunwoody Fitness Center with a Trainer?

Dec 5, 2013

As one of Metro Atlanta's elite neighborhoods, Dunwoody offers well-maintained running trails for locals. Some residents run to fulfill fitness goals, while some run to train for marathons and races. While taking to the area's trails would certainly do them good, one question they should probably be asking is this: Would they be better able to achieve their goals if they train with a coach? Gina Kolata of the New York Times offers her thoughts:

It certainly is possible to train without a coach. The principles of training are well known, and widely available online, in podcasts and in the many books that have been written on training for various sports. Some who have used self-training programs say they are remarkably effective.

My colleague Henry Fountain, for example, hated running when he tried it 25 years ago. Last winter, though, he began training with a podcast that is supposed to train sedentary people to run 5 kilometers, or 3.1 miles.

“It was revolutionary,” he told me. Now he runs about three times a week and occasionally competes in 5K races.

Yet, as might be expected, coaches say their individual attention can make a real difference in a person’s performance.

If you are trying to train on your own, “the struggle will always be to maintain objectivity,” said Terrance Mahon, who coaches elite runners.

The same question applies to people trying to lose weight. For instance, when locals intend to shed a few unwanted pounds to achieve optimal health, they can easily join a reputable Dunwoody fitness center to kick off their exercise program. However, they would also have to choose between exercising by their lonesome or enlisting the services of a fitness coach. A fitness coach can take the lead in customizing a workout program that is suitable to their skills and strengths, as if they were professional athletes.

When choosing a personal trainer, people should look for coaches with impressive qualifications and with whom they can work comfortably. As success stories from the professional sports world show, compatibility between an athlete and a coach is key to the former's success. Compatibility is also important when undergoing personal training in Dunwoody, as trainers who are in synch with their clients make working out enjoyable even as they keep clients focused on their goals.

Ideally, exercise should be something that people look forward to doing—not dread. Finding a good personal trainer who can act as a partner and mentor, like a coach from Fitness Together in Dunwoody, can definitely make workouts exciting and productive.

(Article Excerpt and Image from I’m Keeping My Coach, but You May Not Need One,, October 17, 2011)


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