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Short and Effective Training Regimens at a Dunwoody Fitness Center

Mar 5, 2014

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a physical fitness routine that involves doing intense workout over a short period of time. Though the method itself has been around for quite some time, it has only recently become a popular choice of exercise due to the limited time it consumes, with satisfying fitness results.

An article written by Gail Johnson on discusses how the basic HIIT regimen works for our bodies, and why it is effective:

"HIIT workouts alternate short bursts of intense exertion with brief recovery periods. Think sprinting for 50 seconds and then jogging, walking, or resting for 10. Aside from sprinting, the exercises could include movements such as lunges, pushups, planks, sit-ups, squat jumps,biceps curls, shoulder presses, and so on. The crux is to go all-out, recover, then repeat."

HIIT workouts are usually full-body and incorporate functional and compound exercises,meaning they engage more than one body part at a time,” says Berisavac, a former personal trainer with a degree in health science and kinesiology, in a phone interview. “What makes HIIT so effective is that the harder you work, the more oxygen your muscles use and the more fat they’re using to fuel your workout.

The whole HIIT regimen only takes about twelve to forty minutes due to the extreme nature of the workout. The shortness of the sessions, alongside their effectiveness, is what makes it very popular to those who want to practice a healthy lifestyle without taking too much time. HIIT is also very flexible, and a personal trainer from Dunwoody can recommend routines to suit a person’s needs and preferences.

Because of the intense nature of the HIIT regimen, it is best for practitioners, particularly beginners, to work with qualified trainers. These professionals can give proper direction on a routine that would match individual fitness levels. As such, it would be good to undergo this training at a trusted Dunwoody fitness center, like Fitness Together, where personal trainers can supervise the workout.

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