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Nutrition and Health: What Does the Nutrition Information on Menus Really Mean?

Mar 10, 2013

With the government taking an active role in your nutrition and health, you should know what is actually being done and how it affects you. Menus across America are posting calorie counts for your favorite foods, and it’s not pretty. So what does that actually mean? Keep reading for a brief exploration of the topic, and how it affects you.

Nutrition and Health: Regulations Affecting Restaurants
It began in 2008, in New York City. Chain restaurants in the city with more than 15 outlets, like McDonald's or Starbucks, would have to post a calorie count on the menu to promote good nutrition and health. While the complete nutritional information is readily available online, or in a brochure form, the calorie count would be posted on the menu. America is fighting a losing battle with obesity, and it doesn’t help that Americans regularly eat out. And we’re not talking regular like once a week, but almost daily, sometimes multiple times a day. With this in mind, the government and restaurants have considered how to broach the problem, and begin to repair the damage. Restaurants asked for a national standard, rather than a variance in every city. The government regulation for nutrition and health requires restaurants with more than 20 outlets to provide nutritional information for customers. That means posting the calorie count up on the menu, no matter how bad.

Nutrition and Health: What It Means for You
To ensure your nutrition and health Dunwoody, you need to be vigilant about what foods you consume. If McDonald’s is unavoidable, know what you are putting in your body. The calorie count is intended to be use along with the Agriculture Department’s guideline of 2,000 calories a day. If you choose the large fry along with your Big Mac, know that you have just consumed 1,050 calories. That’s over half of your daily allotment. Whether or not you appreciate the government regulating that restaurants post calorie counts, appreciate the fact that restaurants are calling attention to the high caloric content of their food. Many people are interested to know that foods they assumed were healthy, like a salad, are in fact loaded with calories and can be even unhealthier than the Big Mac. Use the calorie count to help guide you in making nutritious choices when eating out. Nutrition and health is about choosing the best nutritious foods for your body. Calorie counts on the menu are the first step to making wiser food choices, but to really know what food you are eating, take the time to research the restaurants full nutritional information brochure. Choosing a low calorie food isn’t always your best bet--you want to choose what will best provide your body with the nutrition it needs. Nutritional information can be found online, or many times restaurants will provide a printout of the brochure.

If you are looking to improve your nutrition and health, pay attention to the calorie counts posted in restaurants. Also, take the time to research the full nutritional content of the food.


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