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Lifting Kettlebells Makes You Stronger and Leaner

Nov 14, 2012

There are a variety of personal training techniques out there. A great method, that tends to appeal to men and women alike, is training with kettlebells. Every good workout should include a mix of aerobic and weight lifting to ensure maximum benefits for your body. Training with kettlebells can actually give you a cardio workout as well as weight lifting. Here are some benefits and knowledge of kettlebells and how you can use them.

What are kettlebells?

Kettlebells are free weights, shaped like bowling balls with handles. These free weights range from 8 pounds to over 100 pounds. Kettlebells have gained popularity due to their ability to give the user a cardio and weight lifting workout all at the same time. A 30 minute workout with kettlebells can burn as many calories as a normal cardio session, and you will have included weight lifting. Kettlebells also target all your major muscle groups. It’s definitely a crossfit tool training tool that can be incorporated with most personal training sessions.

What can kettlebells do for you?

Kettlebells are easy to use weight and if working out properly, you could get an amazing calorie burning workout done in 20-30 minutes, making them ideal for personal training. For all those workouts between meeting with your personal trainer, you could potentially pick up your kettlebells and complete your workout in 20 minutes. Kettlebells shift your center of balance, meaning that you work all your muscles to maintain your balance throughout the workout. They are excellent for working your core, which is extremely important for accomplishing any fitness goals. If you are looking to lose weight, kettlebells will be extremely effective in helping you see results. A combination of cardio activity and core stabilizing strength training will help you to quickly lose weight and sculpt your body. Kettlebells are reputed for building a lean, strong body, rather than bulky mass. This makes kettlebells appealing to both men and women.

How can you get started training with kettlebells?

In your next personal training session, talk to your trainer about learning how to properly work with kettlebells. After proper training, you could potentially choose to buy your own to have at home for workouts. If you are new to kettlebells, you can try slowly integrating them into your workout. Try doing a few moves with them to warm up or cool down. Make a segment of your workout focus on kettlebells. Eventually, you could replace your regular workout with a kettlebell session at home.

In personal and strength training, you will learn many new tips and tricks from your trainer. Kettlebells are up and coming in the US. You don’t have to completely replace your regular workout, just working a short exercise with kettlebells into your normal routine to see if you enjoy working with them. If you do, you can up how often your use them. Talk to your personal trainer today to learn more about working with kettlebells and the fitness benefits of training with them.


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