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Personal Training Success Stories

Get Inspired, Get Results. *Individual exercise results may vary.


Mike Jeans

I’ve been a runner for many years and have been in very good cardio-vascular shape. However, I noticed that when doing work in the yard or in the barn, the bags of topsoil and the pieces of lumber that I lifted were all getting “heavier.”

I resolved to do something about it. I’ve never really been comfortable going to a membership gym to lift weights. I always was a bit intimidated about using the equipment properly. 7 years ago, my wife and I both decided to join Fitness Together. We’ve been happy, regular clients ever since. Johnny, my trainer, quickly keyed in to my goals and developed a program to help me achieve them. He learned how and when to push me and how to keep me focused on results. I look forward to my twice weekly workouts with Johnny’s personal attention and his sense of humor.

Those bags of topsoil are a lot lighter these days! When I bruised my rotator cuff in a 2007 skiing accident, Johnny modified my workout routine to provide the appropriate exercis­es to heal from this painful injury. My rotator cuff is now “back” 100%. After years of paying school tuition for our kids, we decided it was time to do something for ourselves by joining Fitness Together and it’s paid great dividends. We are believers! Sincerely, Mike Jeans

Everett Bramhall


My primary goal was to play a full season of racket sports without an injury. To accomplish this without being in good shape has proven difficult over the past few years so I knew I had to make some changes. Second to that was the goal of getting in excellent shape and losing some weight. I've always thought of myself as relatively fit, but the last few years of nagging injuries have crept into my life and held me back.

In the fall of 2010, I committed to Fitness Together, Concord in hopes that I could improve my overall fitness and get through a season injury free. My trainer Johnny listened to my goals and confidently assured me we could achieve everything and more. By the end of the first session I was impressed and hopeful. Johnny tailored my workout that addressed my specific injuries and targeted sported specific muscle groups. Johnny started with mild intensity and gradually worked me out harder each session. Always focused on my goals and sensitive to my injuries, Johnny pushed me to achieve as much as possible. Every day the workout was different and moreover, it was fun! Two days a week, 45 minutes a session and soon I started to notice some positive changes after a few months. No longer was I loading up on Advil before or after a game. No longer were my knees aching after 3 to 4 sets on the court. Going up and down the stairs became more comfortable and I soon had new muscles, better fitness and a healthier body. In 2011 I was able to bike in Italy, logging in 50 plus miles a day. Most importantly injury free since joining Fitness Together. Johnny has always stressed, whatever activity you are doing, you have to train for it or you are more likely to get injured.

I owe a debt of gratitude to the knowledgeable, committed and encouraging staff at Fitness Together. They make it fun and extremely worthwhile.


Everett Bramhall

Tina Zannieri

Several years ago I injured my shoulder and had surgery. After my physical therapy
sessions were over, I still couldn’t do much exercise. I was frustrated and eager to get back to my normal life, but every time I tried exercising on my own I overdid it and hurt myself, or just got bored with whatever I was doing. I signed up for Fitness Together thinking that a few sessions might get me over the hump.

What I didn’t count on was how much I would enjoy the personal attention, the variety, the friendly atmosphere, and the encouragement from the trainers and from my "fellow sufferers." We’re a motley crew of fat, thin, young, old strong, and weak. Each of us has different goals, but we’re all in it together. Because I work in health care, I do nights, weekends and 12 hour shifts. My schedule is different every week. At Fitness Together I can book my workouts based on my work schedule. There’s the option to work with one trainer consistently or to rotate around.

Over the 8 years I’ve been working out, I’ve worked with all of the trainers and there’s not a bad one in the bunch. Much of the time, I work on general fitness and improving upper
body strength. Recently, however, a casual conversation with another client led to my signing up for my first 5k race since then I have done a dozen more.

I’ve been getting lots of encouragement, a training plan is underway, and I feel confident
that I will finish the race without embarrassing OR hurting myself. I also know that whatever the next goal turns out to be that I can count on support from the team at Fitness Together.

Best Wishes!
Tina Zannieri

Sally Eaton

I have been working with the trainers at Fitness Together in Concord, MA since September
of 2008. Although I have always been physically active, this was my first experience working
with a professional trainer. After my husband died, I hardly moved for a year. When I started
running again, I hurt my knee. I saw a physical therapist a couple of times, but decided that something more comprehensive was in order.

I have been incredibly pleased with the results. I have slimmed down and become very toned. My energy level is much higher. I have dropped a couple of sizes in clothing. The approach at FT is very structured and thoughtful. Each client works in privacy with a trainer, who keeps records of progress and sets goals. The trainers are affirmative and encouraging. They are
lots of fun and very knowledgeable about the human body. I would never have pushed myself to do what they have shown me I am capable of. The program has become a regular part of my life and I am delighted with it.

Sally A. Eaton

Alexa O'Neil

2013 Fitness Together Concord, Client of the Year

Growing up, I’ve always been heavier than everyone. I never played any sports or enjoyed anything that had to do with physical exercise. I would do as little exercise as possible. Going through a rough time at the beginning of 2013, I was having a hard time trying to get myself out of whatever it was I was going through. June 4, 2013 is when everything changed for the better. I had a physical, and I did not like what I saw on the scale. Something in my head finally clicked, and I knew I had to do something to make my life better. So, the following Monday, I put myself on a strict and healthier diet cutting out all and junk and replacing them with more fruits, vegetables, whole grains and protein. This worked for three weeks until I decided I needed something more. I needed to include exercise into my everyday lifestyle. That’s when I decided to give Fitness Together in Concord a call.

For the first three months of exercising, I was working out six days a week. Three days a week, I was doing double sessions at the gym. I know that sounds a little too much, but it worked out well for me. In addition I joined Mike Oakes boot camp, which was so much fun. Including this extreme exercise worked out well for me, that by the end of the summer I was down 32 pounds*. This summer was one of the best summers I have ever had. Once school started that Fall, I cut back on the exercise a little. Boot camp ended, and so did the double sessions. But, I did continue to work out six days a week.

Now, at the end of the year, I ended up losing over 50 pounds*. Looking back on the eight months of exercise, I have come a long way. I cannot imagine my life without exercise because I enjoy it a little too much. Having a support system at Fitness Together, Concord has simply been amazing. I would not be where I am today without the love and support from the ones who have been by my side since day one. The whole staff at Concord; Mike, Andrea, Braden Patrick, Lisa, Billy, and Johnny all have helped me through a lot these past eight months, and have seen me succeed in every way possible.

David Ries


As a very active and recently retired lawyer interested in staying in shape for long dreamed of retirement activities, I have looked at a number of health clubs. There are a lot of them out there. Many have fancy quarters, acres of equipment, pools, bath facilities to rival the Roman baths, and squads of staff. When I answered a mailer from Fitness Together in Concord last February, I was amused at how modest the facilities were. In the complimentary session, my personal trainer was very careful to show me exactly how to perform the exercise, and watched my every move. He commented on my technique, he corrected my posture, my hand position, and he cheered me on. I realized immediately that what I needed was not a sauna, whirlpool, and steam room, but rather a knowledgeable, caring trainer, one that would stay at my side and see that I did it right and motivated me to do better. Not too heavy, not too light, just right! I needed someone to push my limits, but do it sensibly, for, after all I was a retired lawyer, not the governor of California. Mike and his staff do that very well in the modest quarters in Millbrook Tarry.

I have been a satisfied client of Fitness Together in Concord since February 2004. I am pleased and amazed with the knowledge, patience and good humor of the staff Mike Oaks has assembled in his training center. I am pleased because I know that I am getting full attention every minute of the time I am there and I am amazed that these young professionals so obviously care deeply about how an old codger like me is doing. My schedule takes me there twice a week for a 45 minute session. I really look forward to the sessions, and I know my strength and stamina has improved. I am fortunate enough to have a number of young friends who allow me to join their adventure trips - heli-skiing, randonee skiing, hiking, bicycling, sailing. I am confident that with the help and support I am getting at Fitness Together, Concord I can not only keep up, but lead these young rascals!

Margie King Saphier


I thank the Fitness Together staff for the professional knowledge you each bring to your clients. As a twenty-year sufferer of fibromyalgia, your knoweledge about this challenging condition as well as your thorough knowledge of body musculature has resulted in me making steady progress.

When I first came to Fitness Together in Concord, you asked if I could lie flat on my back on a mat. I explained I could not because the muscles in my back usually go into spasm. After months of working on my core strength at Fitness Together, I was thrillled when I was attending my three-year old grandson's gym class and was able to lie flat on my back. The children were to do a "crayon roll," which requires lying on a mat putting your arms over your head with fingers meeting at a point and then rolling across the mat. My grandson was feeling shy, so I told him I would do one and then he could. What a joyous feeling to be able to lie on the mat without back spasms and being able to roll with full control. I felt like a kid when the teacher told me my crayon was excellent!

Your instructions about posture while driving has enabled me to drive long distances without triggering the chronic tendonitis in my elbows. The principles for proper body mechanics you have explained to me while exercising are clear, easy to understand and most of all applicable to my daily life.

In addition to the great support the staff gives to the clients, your gym is such a welcoming and friendly place. Each of the staff knows all the clients by name and greets each client asking how we are doing. As a result the clients know each other's names and we talk to each other as we do our aerobic exercises. There is a sense of community.

My biggest concern when I started at Fitness Together was I would become bored and soon stop coming. Every session is different, so boredom is never an issue. In fact time flies by as I perform new and challenging exercises. After coming to Fitness Together three times a week for 6 months, I still look forward to my sessions and my continuing progress.

Thanks again for all you do!

Suan Zellman Roher


Thursday after July 4th holiday, just finished 45 minutes of a 5:45am workout at Fitness Together Concord. Was it hard? YES. Am I glad that I went? So totally. This is my second review of FT Concord and if I could give it Six stars I would. Mike Oakes' keen understanding of each client's mental and physical goals is straight up impressive. For almost 10 years the musculature in my left shoulder has been slowly deteriorating- in a downward spiral from lack of use. In under 3 months this has turned around. Orthopedic surgeons said no regrowth was possible but regrowth is visible and usable!* These are serious guys: MIke and his staff have a deep understanding of kinesiology and myology. My deal is understanding why things work- Mike explains his progression of movements, the muscles he targets and how I can visually and through my own experience measure correct execution. I've observed that he and his staff carefully match appropriate motivation to each client. The location is compact, immaculately maintained, and filled with an impressive array of equipment to maximize the efficient use of the facility and the client's time. Always water, towels, and fruit. Clean, elegant restrooms. Huge commitment to service and charities. This is the real deal if you seriously want to get fit and stay fit for life. The longevity of his business and the return rate of clients demonstrates this better than any review.