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Fitness Together® Client Review

Fitness Together® Client Review Whitney Edwards*

"I've been a member at Fitness Together South Miami since May 2010 and it's the BEST investment I've ever made in myself. The time, energy, money, blood, sweat and tears has paid me back 10 fold. I joined FT when I was at my lowest of lows. All the years of post high school and college neglect (i.e., binge drinking, then binge eating, then crash dieting, and the cycle continues) finally caught up with me and I didn't even know where to begin. I was shopping around for a personal trainer because something told me I wouldn't be able to do this on my own, but after my first consult with Scott, I knew I had found my home away from home at Fitness Together. I have trained with everyone at FT and NOT ONCE have they given me a poor session. They always push me to my limits and beyond. I think I can safely say that they are my friends and genuinely care about my success in life... not just weight loss. They check on me when I'm sick, they remember significant events in my personal life. They are just an A-Team through and through. I highly recommend Fitness Together to EVERYONE. Even those of you that think you're a bad ass, I can guarantee that Malia, Angelo, or Elisa are badder."