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Fitness Together® Client Review

Fitness Together® Client Review Rajil Risal*

Someone once told me, "You can't steal second base with your foot on first." I had my foot on first for almost 10 years. Fitness Together has helped me get on second over the last four months. The one on one sessions are just what i needed, I needed someone to push me just enough to make me realize what I can achieve. Troy, Kevin & Mike have done that and much more for me over the last 4 months. It wasn't just about kicking my butt in every workout session but teaching me the benefits of the workout. The knowledge I've learned from my trainers here at Fitness Together I trust will help me round up third and head for home in the near future.


  • 25 pounds lost
  • 15.5 inches lost
  • 66 pound increase on bench press
  • 186% increase in core stability
  • 285% increase in lower body endurance