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Fitness Together® Client Review

Fitness Together® Client Review Laura Intfen*

When I couldn’t carry my laundry upstairs without breathing heavily, I knew it was time for a change. I had seen ads for Fitness Together on early morning television because I wasn’t sleeping well. My husband and I met with Joel and got started together. Under the guidance of trainer Matt Pithers and with some sensible changes in my diet, I have lost 70 pounds and have gone down 10 dress and pants sizes. My husband and I are leaving on a cruise and I can not wait to wear my new shorts, t shirts and bathing suits that I had to purchase for our trip. The staff at Fitness Together is considerate, knowledgeable and encouraging. The work outs that Matt has designed especially for my husband and I have left us thinner, toned and healthier. I can take those stairs two at a time now without a second thought and I sleep great at night