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Jim Lardiere Before Photo
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Fitness Together® Client Review

Fitness Together® Client Review Jim Lardiere*

“I have been a Fitness Together client for a little over a year and have already seen significant changes in my physique since I began. My waistline has shrunk six inches and my endurance and overall strength have exponentially increased. The Fitness Together trainers have fine-tuned the workouts to address my specific areas in need of improvement.

Through a difficult, but attainable, regiment of exercises, my physical abilities are approaching where they were in college, nearly 20 years ago. And thanks to the combination of a three sessions per week routine and switching to light beer, the weight has been literally falling off of me. The only down-side is the unforeseen cost of a brand-new wardrobe! Thank you Basking Ridge Fitness Together for making me feel GREAT Again!