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Client Reviews

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Reviews Provided by Listen360

Oct 22, 2019 by J. D.
"I love the personal plans and working one on one.....I like that I have input to the work out and you guys keep me on my toes.......keep up the great job."

Oct 19, 2019 by K. P.
"Love my trainer!"

Oct 15, 2019 by H. K.
"Trainers "

Sep 30, 2019 by A. H.
"Personal training with attention to my specific needs."

Sep 29, 2019 by B. B.
"Trainers are great and welcoming. Great at making people feel comfortable."

Sep 20, 2019 by R. M.
"Friendly, accommodating, and customized service. The best. "

Sep 17, 2019 by T. S.
"Instructors are very knowledgeable and do a nice job of preparing for sessions. "

Aug 29, 2019 by S. C.
"I came to Fitness Together in Brecksville after 4 surgeries that resulted from a pedestrian accident. Physical therapy is a must after a major surgery, but does not treat the whole body. In chronic pain and sleep deprived, I came to FT to work on building strength, balance and support to the surgical sites. What I got was educated, compassionate and smart management of my physical limitations and goals. After 16 weeks of work three times a week, i have muscle tone, better balance and most important, a major reduction in pain, better sleep and mental clarity. I feel like me again! I participated in several assessments and received nutrition advice as well. With digestive issues, doctors put me on a plant based diet. The Nutritionist, Lexy, helped me with new products and recipes to take the boredom out of my diet and help get enough nutrients and calories to support my workouts. AS a result I am at my target weight and more flexible and strong. The team in Brecksville is currently working with me on routines I can continue and maintain for my future health and a better quality of life as I move out of town. I cannot say enough about the quality of every individual that work with me. My thanks to Brooke for putting together such a skilled team of trainers."

Aug 24, 2019 by J. D.
"Services are taylored to my needs and wants....educational, friendly enviroment, great results"

Aug 15, 2019 by R. M.
"Individual attention and fitness routine specifically adapted to my body’s needs. These well-educated trainers listen and create what is most beneficial to me. "

Aug 10, 2019 by E. F.
"The Pack classes are great because you can increase weight when you feel it is best and you can work at a higher or lower pace depending on the specific exercise. I really like that if I want to I can push myself harder on an individual basis. "

Jul 11, 2019 by M. I.
"Love my personal trainer....she has customized a workout program that is specially designed to help me meet my goals. Being stronger has made me more confident. I wish that I had joined Fitness Together years ago!"

Jul 11, 2019 by P. D.
"Proximity to my home. My trainer Chris. "

Jun 29, 2019 by S. C.
"I came to Fitness Together after four surgeries resulting from an accident and was struggling with recovery. PT deals with each injury but my body as a whole. I was depleted, had chronic pain and sleep deprivation. I took a medical leave from work and decided I needed to work on my entire body, not just the surgical sites. What a difference. I’m finally feeling whole again. I’m not strong, but I’m so much better. I am building some strength and flexibility to support the weaker parts of my body. My pain is reduced significantly and I’m finally sleeping again. I have signed up for a second 6 weeks and feel through this process, I will reach my recovery goals. The trainers are well educated on anatomy ( all are certified trainers and many working on a masters degree) and the appropriate types of movements and tolerance required. I cannot say enough about their strategies and personalized training plan. Another aspect of my recovery is nutrician. Fitness Today offers a certified Nutricianist as well. Her advice has supported my dietary needs which were challenging throughout each recovery. I could not have accomplished this on my own. Though this required a financial commitment, Fitness Together was the best health decision for me, I highly recommended working with Fitness Together to forward your health and fitness goals. Susan Clausen "

Jun 19, 2019 by J. D.
"Tailored for each individual and trainer listens to the needs of the client..."

Jun 6, 2019 by R. M.
"My trainers are knowledgeable professionals who work with and for me to improve my strength and balance. It’s the perfect combination for me. "

May 11, 2019 by M. A. S.
"Cater to individual needs and limitations"

May 8, 2019 by K. K.
"Privacy and one on one interaction "

Apr 29, 2019 by S. S.
"Great trainers clean workout rooms personal attention and a feeling you are important"

Apr 17, 2019 by J. D.
"The professionalism, individual attention to each person.....and its fun!"

Reviews Provided by Listen360