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What To Do With Leftover Halloween Candy?  Turn in into (Operation) Gratitude!

Oct 26, 2016

Well, it’s late October, which means that, starting with the “fun” influx of “fun”-sized candy bars, it’s time for your strong will and self-control to take a 60-day holiday, right? Not so fast, chocoholic! We happen to have a ton of tricks up our sleeves to help you battle the holiday-themed challenges that these months can bring to your best-intended healthy-eating plans. One of our very favorite helping tools can provide some support RIGHT NOW, this week.

Ready to feel, and show, some gratitude? This year, as proud participants in the Operation Gratitude program, you can bring us the Halloween candy that you have lying around, and we will ship it overseas to show our brave troops a little love. Were you a wee bit overenthusiastic in your trick-or-treater candy purchases? Did your little monsters come home with WAY too much candy after their Halloween night out? Bring it in to our studio, and we’ll put it to a use that you’ll feel proud to support.

Need some motivation?

  • Fun-sized chocolate candy bars have an average of 75 calories per bar. Working off just two of them (really, who stops at two?) will take you 25 minutes on the elliptical machine, or 38 minutes walking at a medium pace. Not to mention the fatigue and guilt you might feel afterwards
  • Excessive sugar consumption primes your teeth for dental problems, and primes your body for diabetes development.
  • Sugar can mess with your metabolism, is the major risk factor for heart disease, and lowers your “good” cholesterol levels.
  • The more sugar you eat, the more you crave. Sugar ignites the pleasure center in your brain (similar to the way cocaine does – um, yikes). We build up a tolerance to the stuff, and soon require more and more of it to trigger the same pleasure.

Feeling inspired, now, to get rid of the sugary stuff?

Here’s what you need to know:

  • The chocolate and non-chocolate candy needs to be separated, so doing that before you bring it in would be so helpful.
  • We cannot send “Pixy Stix” (those paper straws filled with sour sugar) in our packages, so please keep those out.
  • Please consider writing a note or card to the troops that we can include with your candy. Any encouragement in this form is sure to be appreciated.
  • Short on candy, or want to do more? Operation Gratitude also happily takes donations of new/sealed lip balm, toothpaste and toothbrushes (duh, after all that candy), travel-sized mouthwash, and dental floss.
  • Don’t dilly-dally too much with your donations. Not only will keeping it around your house make it more likely to be eaten, but we need to ship out the packages by mid-November.

And if you’ve already indulged a little more than you should have? Don’t despair. Starting fresh today is better than doing so tomorrow or next week. Starting fresh while doing a good deed: even better.

We are all about turning guilt, shame, and bad habits into practices that inspire pride, strength, and good health. Operation Gratitude embodies this passion beautifully, and we’re proud to be a part of it.


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