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What should I look for when choosing a personal trainer?

Feb 25, 2014

Bruce Kelly
FT Media

"Good references or a referral from someone you know and trust. Also, does this referral source have similar goals and objectives as yours. If the trainer is great at training young athletes but doesn't work much with desk jockeys that may not be a good fit."

Sean Ryback
FT Mission Hills

"When choosing a trainer there are two key components: background education and reputation. Look for a trainer that has a degree in exercise science or related field along with certifications.  Then use social media websites where you can read about prior customer experience to help you determine the personal trainer that is right for you!"

Pam Carthew
FT East Greenwich

"Always do research and make sure that they have a certification from a reputable organization.  There are a number of websites that allow you to search for trainers in your area, like and

"Your trainer should have a current CPR and/or first aid certification, too.  Always ask to see proof of their qualifications and certifications.

"The first meeting should always be free and I would suggest meeting on neutral ground if this is not part of a gym package. You should have a list of questions that encompass their experience and credentials.

"Of course, people are different and therefore everyone has a different way of working. Having personalities that work well together will be an important issue going forward. Furthermore, most personal trainers are not qualified nutritionists or dietitians.  So be aware of those that are pushing you toward specific supplements or diets unless they can provide proof that they are qualified to do so."

Erin Jackson
FT Great Neck

"When looking for a trainer, after checking their qualifications you should look for someone you feel you can trust who listens but still pushes you. It may seem like an impossible combination, but really just takes an open mind and a trust in the 'getting healthy' process."

Sue Teoli
FT New Canaan

"I look for knowledge. Not the 'I-know-everything' knowledge, but the kind that makes you confident that you can put your trust in them.  I want someone to know what my goals are and make me believe that I can get there."

Billy Beyer
FT Basking Ridge

"When choosing a personal trainer one should look for reputation, experience, and someone that fits your personality. Choosing a trainer that brings out the best in you is the most important thing. So get out there and start looking!"


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