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What's the most foolish diet you've ever seen?

Apr 1, 2014

Bruce Kelly
FT Media

"Anything that claims it is a "diet" is by definition fraudulent. A meta-analysis of the most popular diets showed that not one of them was statistically significantly better in terms of either weight loss or improvement in blood profiles. The difference-maker is consistency -- holding to it.  Just like exercise and movement!"

Sue Teoli
FT New Canaan

"The master cleanse diet.  Unlike other cleanse diets that are being endorsed by celebs, this one sacrifices solid foods in favor of water, lemon and a laxative drink that's said to help shed 20 pounds in 10 days. Its biggest issue, however, is that you don't consume any actual food for 10 days, which in turn breaks down muscle mass, slows down metabolism and sets you up for binges by the 11th day."

Logan George
FT Maple Grove

"Any diets that include fasting or cutting back calorie intake to the point of starving yourself are the most foolish diets I have seen. There is a healthy way to lose weight, and that is not the way to do it."

Dr. Janet Brill
FT Nutritionist

"Fad diets that rely on a limited list of foods, such as the grapefruit diet, take all the fun out of eating. With boredom comes a really low degree of probability that the individual will be able to use this tool to make long-term healthy lifestyle changes -- the tried and true method for permanent weight management.

"Another diet that I find incredibly ridiculous is the blood type diet. The "Eat Right for Your Type" diet encourages Americans to be healthier by eating a menu determined by your blood type -- A, B, O or AB. The O blood type (my blood type), for example, is an "old" bloodline and should therefore use an "old" caveman -style eating strategy that includes lots of meats and fish; wheat, on the other hand, should be avoided because it makes O types sluggish and bloated.  I find the opposite is true.

The truth behind the hype? There is zero scientific evidence linking blood type with eating patterns."


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