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What's the best way to encourage your family to stay active during the summer?

May 21, 2013

Kelly Blackwin
FT Santa Monica

"Sign up for a local 5k or 10k run and participate as a family.  Rent bikes by the beach and enjoy a weekend afternoon riding up the coast.

"Take a hike. Summer months are a great time to take a hike, as all of the trees are blossomed and the views will be fantastic once you reach the top!

"Hit the local batting cages. Not only will this be good practice if your kids are playing on a baseball or softball team but it will also bring out the parents' inner youth!"

Sean Ryback
FT Mission Hills

"Staying active as a family during the summer months is easy and consistent when you utilize a couple key components.

"Find unique local settings such as parks, lakes, or sunny beaches which allow inexpensive activities such as hiking, swimming, and biking to name a few.

"Keep the activities appropriate for everyone in the family.  That way you will get to bond and enjoy the experience together.

"Lastly, try something new! It's always fun to shake things up and find fun, fresh activities to keep your family energetic throughout the summer days."

Will Willing
FT Auburn

"The fact that we need to find ways to encourage our families to stay active in the summer months reveals a huge issue. When I was a child I was forbidden to be in the house if the sun was shining, or even just as long as it wasn't raining.  

"I almost think that these days someone in the home must take on the role of a trainer and leader. In my house movies, video games and such are off limits as long as the sun is up.  We plan to be outside and active, whether that is going to the park, taking the puppies for a walk, or having a picnic. The more we plan and lead the way, the more our families are likely to follow suit.

"As far as specific activities, one of the best things we can do all times of the year is swim. It is a total body exercise that yields the most benefit with the shortest amount of time. Most families find water time fun, so find a pool, water park, or even a sprinkler or and get outside and get wet while having fun."

Sue Teoli
FT New Canaan

"We encourage our members that go away for the whole summer to be active.  Most of the vacationers are at a beach and we give them family activities to do in the sand.

"Instead of just lying on the beach all day, take a walk along the shoreline. The extra effort that it takes to walk briskly on the soft, sandy surface will contribute to the overall fat burning effect.

"We also suggest that they get off the blanket and swim or join some games like volleyball or Frisbee."


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