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What's the best advice you ever got from your dad?

Jun 11, 2013

Matt Gagliano
FT East Bay

"I used to be a pretty competitive Little Leaguer and would get very upset when I struck out. My father would always say, "Even Babe Ruth struck out; stay focused for your next at bat." It always made me laugh and enjoy the game of baseball even more."

Michael McAllister
FT Charlotte

"Hit first and hit hard."

Josh Bate
FT East Greenwich

"The best advice I ever got from my dad was not said specifically in one sentence or in one conversation, but in many conversations over my 23 years.

"Academics was always a struggle for me, as I simply didn't enjoy school in the least. It wasn't so much that I wasn't capable, but didn't want to put the effort in to be a great student.  So I always settled for average. Occasionally in certain subjects settling for average didn't work, and if I didn't put the extra time in I was sure to fail; it was usually a math class.  Many nights I would become extremely frustrated with the topics, the teacher or a grade on a test  and almost get to the point of not even caring any more and just taking whatever grade the teacher wanted to give me, be it good or bad, pass or fail.

My dad always found a way to get his point across to me that I had to just "get it done." He would always tell me that in 50 years no one is going to ask me nor would they care about what my final grade was sophomore year of math class. I've always admired my dad's work ethic and his ability to be the cool, collected one of my family. He's the guy that would do anything for anyone and I've really grown to appreciate spending time with him, Whether it just be watching boxing on a Saturday night or a miserable car ride on vacation."

Gwen Beckcom
FT Mission Hills

"Besides giving me a sense of safety and stability, my dad was a loving male role model and gave me many pieces of advice, or "life lessons" as I call them. Many of the life lessons were not necessarily done by sitting down and talking to me, but by being a great example of the way he wanted me and my three siblings to behave, from work ethic to having faith in God. However, one of the life lessons that stands out in my memory is his humor, laughter and positive behavior.

"If I have to chose one piece of advice, I have to say it was when he did sit down with me and explained to me that there are going to be times in my life that are going to be difficult, and that I have a choice.  I can either laugh about it or cry about it; but in the end I'm going to come out just fine, so I might as well laugh about it.

"Thinking back, my dad laughed a lot, every day.  Now I'm pondering if it was because he was going through difficult times? And he always came out just fine!"

Vanessa Ocasio
FT Auburn

"When I was a young child my dad used to tell me that fish was "brain food."  And that was back in the '70s, way before Omega-3's became popular!  I always thought my dad was ahead of his time."


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