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What's something you can do to stay in shape and help the environment at the same time?

Apr 16, 2013

Liz Vlajic
FT Great Neck

"First you can switch from drinking water from plastic bottles and purchase a reusable one.  Next, you could fit your cardio in by walking, jogging or biking to nearby places.  This will help reduce car pollution.  Putting a basket on your bike could make it easier to do light grocery shopping or carry a purse and lunch if biking to work.

"You could also start a carpool to the gym with some workout buddies, which will also help keep you motivated.

"And my last tip: Find a cause.  Most all races and marathons are for a cause.  Maybe there is an environmental one out there, but if not you could be the one to start it!"

Errol Chung
FT New Canaan

"We like to tell all of our clients to ride their bike, jog, or walk to Fitness Together to squeeze in some extra cardio while saving on gas."

Josh Bate
FT East Greenwich

"I think the best way to help the environment is to get yourself a reusable water bottle and begin drinking until it's gone and then filling it back up again! This will not only ensure you drink enough water each day (one of the body's main fuel sources) but that you help to cut down on plastic water bottles being used and then thrown away. Fifteen hundred water bottles are consumed every second in the U.S., and 80% of water bottles each year end up in landfills and NOT in a recycling program. Help out yourself and the environment; consume more water from a reusable bottle."

Pam Carthew
FT East Greenwich

"For a start you could plant new trees in your neighborhood or yard.  Not only is this good for the Earth, but digging holes is an incredible whole body workout.  It uses arms, legs, and the entire core region and works up a good sweat."

John Pettersen
FT Cold Spring Hills

"I actually take a small trash bag with me on my hikes. On the return trip I pick up trash that may be along the trail (water bottles, cans, papers, etc.) and then throw the bag out in a bin at the parking area."

Diana Doerbecker
FT Cold Spring Hills

"Ride a bike to work.  Take a walk and pick up the garbage you find along the way.  I do a beach cleanup every year where we walk and pick up garbage on the beach and in the dunes."

Dwayne Davis
FT Morristown

"Leave the car at home and walk, run, or bike to the gym.  A caveman approach to resistance training would be beneficial. Adding functional training instead of electrical machines would also help achieve your fitness goals while helping the environment."

Mike Pylant
FT Auburn

"Exercise can be a task completed every day that is simply overlooked.  Instead of driving the car a few miles to work each day grab a bicycle and ride to work. Not only will it be fairly simple and beneficial exercise, it will also protect the environment from all the pollutants that come from a car.  A few other examples can be using the stairs at work instead of the elevators and to run, jog or even walk places instead of using electrical or gasoline-powered equipment."

Vanessa Ocasio
FT Auburn

"Take time during the weekend or other off times to walk to your favorite park, restaurant, nightclub, coffee shop, or theater.  Turn this into an adventure for your kids; believe me, if you frame it the right way they will be into it!  Instead of driving to the park to walk your dogs, simply go on a long adventure walk through your neighborhoods.  I’ve done this myself and it has made me discover areas of my town I’ve never seen!"


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