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What's a good fitness-themed holiday gift?

Dec 24, 2013

Bruce Kelly
FT Media

"I'm a fan of the various fitness trackers -- Jawbone Up, Polar Loop, Fitbit and so on -- which are analogous to food journals only on the activity end of things. They keep people honest about how active they really are."

Sue Teoli
FT New Canaan

"Personally, I asked for the fitness tracker Fitbit. I used to have one and it really motivated me to walk more, run more, and just move more. Any dance DVDs for Wii, Xbox, or Nintendo are really fun plus you burn a lot of calories."

Stacy Adams
FT Central Georgetown

"There's no better gift than the gift of health and fitness.  A gift certificate for personal training can be a very meaningful gift to give a close friend, significant other, or even a business partner who has talked about starting a fitness program but has never taken the step forward to commit.  Giving the gift of personal training is priceless and can change someone's life forever!"

Billy Beyer
FT Basking Ridge

"The Iron Gym pull-up bar will make the perfect Christmas present! You got a door, you got a gym!"


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