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What gets you motivated to work out?

Jul 2, 2013

Sean Ryback
FT Mission Hills

"When I need a boost to hit the local gym, I always turn to my steadfast workout partner for support! Having a reliable “workout buddy” is a great way in which you can stay motivated through the ups and downs of keeping on track with your fitness program. Align with someone that has similar workout interests as yourself, is always reliable through those challenging times, and can encourage you to reach the next level. With a solid workout partner, you will be more focused, consistent, and see the results you want."

Vanessa Ocasio
FT Auburn

"The idea that after the workout, I will feel powerful for the next three or four hours!"

Blake Beckcom
FT Mission Hills

"For me it's all about healthy aging and knowing that the only way to fight Father Time is with one workout and one meal at a time. As we age our bodies produce less growth hormone.  And to top that off, in about our mid-40s we begin losing about 1% of our lean mass annually. Women get the double whammy of losing between .3 and .5% of their bone mass annually.

"Resistance training has been shown to fight against these three time bandits. You can boost your growth hormones through regular resistance training, smart nutrition and proper rest. More lean mass equals less fat mass, and a higher metabolism.

"When I need a mental boost to get to the gym, I don't think so much about today.  I think more about tomorrow and what I will be like 10 years from now. Remember Y2K? Seems like yesterday, right? It was more than 13 years ago. Work out for your future -- a better brighter, fitter one. Now that's some motivation."

Kyle Radomski
FT Santa Monica

"I get motivated to work out by always keeping my goals in mind. I think sometimes we all fall in the trap of working out just because we know it's good for us. Giving purpose to your workouts and following a training program geared toward reaching your goals, no matter how big or small, helps keep you committed and not just exercising for the
sake of exercise."


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