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What are some active spring break vacations I could take?

Mar 5, 2014

Bruce Kelly
FT Media

"Both cross country and downhill skiing are excellent exercises as are ice skating, snow shoeing and other winter sports.

"Wherever you go walk ... and walk some more. Get one of those activity trackers and see how much "mileage" you can put on it while learning about a new place and its history, people and monuments.

"If you take a Caribbean trip, don't just sit by the pool (though you can do some of that!). Go snorkeling, stand up paddle boarding (SUP), kayaking, scuba diving, hiking, and so on."

Sue Teoli
FT New Canaan

"Personally, I want to relax and read a book with a cocktail.  But my members go away on spring break and they all do active things. Some go to Peru to hike the Andes, some go skiing, and a few go to ranches and ride horses."

Josh Bate
FT East Greenwich

"Vacations are supposed to be relaxing, but if you are on a fitness regimen and want to do your best not to sideline yourself then you best only indulge slightly and make a conscious effort to get some activity in.  In my experience warmer climates get you outdoors, moving around and not so focused on, "What can I eat next?" But any vacation can be active if you try.

"For instance, try renting a bicycle to ride around the beach town you are staying in instead of taking the car.  You can try new things like scuba diving, surfing, or playing volleyball on the beach. Hiking is always a scenic, relaxing, and fitness-friendly activity that does not have to feel like you are working out every minute while on vacation. And if your hotel or place of stay is equipped with a fitness center by all means utilize such facilities."

Logan George
FT Maple Grove

"Look for vacation spots that offer a lot of activities either included in your stay or that are easily accessible from where you are staying. Try something you've never done or something you've done a hundred times. Maybe snorkeling or scuba diving, perhaps biking or hiking up a mountain is more your thing. Whatever you decide, try and find something that excites you. "

Billy Beyer
FT Basking Ridge

"One active spring break vacation that we love is going to Sedona, Ariz. Not only is it beautiful with the red rock and painted desert it offers lots of hiking, mountain climbing, and mountain biking. Plenty of tours and amazing restaurants as well!"


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