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Tips to move your Summer Outdoor Workout Indoors

Sep 24, 2015

As you feel the shift in the season, it's time to start thinking about moving your workout indoors. Yes, you’ll miss the fresh air and sunshine, but before you get overly depressed, think about the positives that come with working out at home or in a gym.

Home Workouts

The biggest advantage of working out at home, obviously, is you don’t have to go anywhere. If you don’t have a gym membership or a personal trainer, your home has plenty of options and space to exercise. Many workout routines don’t require equipment, which makes it affordable. Just do a little research to find a workout routine that works for you. Chances are, many of the workouts you were doing outside without equipment will translate to an at-home workout. If you need a cardio fix, there are plenty of circuits that will fulfill your cardio craving. You can also find many apps for your smartphone that will give you workouts and help you keep track of your progress. Plus, it’s not like it’s gloomy, and you’ll have bad weather every day, if mother nature gives you a good day, take advantage and get back out in the sun.

Find a Gym

If you’ve been going at it alone in your outdoor workouts, the new season gives you the chance to switch it up and to find a gym or a personal trainer. Many fitness facilities offer a variety of options for working out. Many have small group classes that offer a way to meet new people. Working out with others also will hold you accountable; you’ll have more drive to push yourself harder in your workouts. However, some people just don’t excel in the big gym setting. We get that. Finding a personal trainer is perhaps the best option. A trainer can help you meet your goals faster and will commit their time to you. A personal trainer will also provide the proper technique for each workout routine to maximize your exercise and keep you safe.

A Fitness Together® personal trainer can introduce you to new workout routines through one-on-one personal training or in a small group setting. Just because the weather is changing, you do not have to stop working out. Winter is a great time to assess your fitness routine and natural time to switch things up a little. Visit to find a studio near you.


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