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Tips to Avoid Skipping Your Workout

Mar 3, 2015

It seems so long ago that we were all thinking about our New Year’s Resolutions. Now, the time has come or gone. Either you’re going to make good on your resolution of getting in shape or you’re going to let it go by the wayside. Why have you done that? Maybe you haven’t found the right gym, you don’t have the time…the excuses could go on and on, right? Rather than letting your workouts slip by, try these tips to avoid skipping your workout.

Pencil it In

I’m sure you’ve heard the term, “it’s not official until it’s in writing.” Make your workout official by putting it on your calendar. Treat it like a work meeting, it’s a meeting with your personal trainer or small group session.

Afternoon Wake Up

It’s normal to have a lack of energy in the afternoon. Use your workout to give yourself an energy boost. Getting your body moving naturally gives you physical energy and gives your mind a boost as well.

Partner Up

Try having a partner to keep you motivated. If you commit to it together, and hold each other accountable, you’ll have a much harder time avoiding your workouts.

Keep Your Gear on You

It’s helpful to always have your workout bag with you. That way you won’t have the excuse of, “I don’t have my stuff.”

Keep it Interesting

Everyone gets bored with the same old routine. Try mixing up your workouts and your exercises. That way you’re not only working different muscle groups, but you’re also keeping your workout exciting.

Hopefully, by using these tips you’ll maintain a steady workout schedule. Your mind and your body will be much happier. If you haven’t started your New Year’s Resolution to get fit, contact your local Fitness Together to start your personal training sessions or to join one of our small group classes today. Avoid excuses, make 2015 your most fit year yet. Fitness Together can help.


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