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Three Personal Trainers' Resolutions to Inspire You

May 11, 2012

Do personal trainers think resolutions are worth making? What do they resolve to change in themselves? We asked three trainers how they seek continual self-improvement, which is always a priority even if you're not trying to lose weight.

“Every December I list three or four big-picture goals and map a plan to achieve them one by one over the course of the year. I like to include both business goals (like earn a training certification in a new method, or do a really challenging climb or race) and personal milestones (like learning a new language). I challenge myself to make these goals very pie in the sky. The first time I did that, I thought, ‘These are too hard to achieve,’ but then I achieved all of them and it was extremely gratifying. Dream big!”
– Sean B.

“I resolve every year to refocus on why I really became a personal trainer — to help people get and stay healthier and happier, not just physically change their appearance. As a trainer I find that recommitting to this resolution every year inspires me to be a real change agent for my clients. To do that, you have to really believe in the fact that you’re not just creating workout regimens for people. Gyms were originally known as ‘health clubs,’ and health is the larger goal for most clients, even if they come in to lose weight.”
– Chris S.

“I avoid making resolutions simply for the sake of it because that feels arbitrary to me. Instead, I set specific goals when I notice that I need to improve in a particular area. For example, at certain age milestones in life, the body naturally tends to lose muscle mass. I adjust my training regimen accordingly, so I can continue maintaining the physical abilities I want to have for the activities I enjoy, as well as the healthy weight where I feel best.”
– Karen L.

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