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Taking Advantage of Autumn: 5 Best Fall Workouts

Sep 18, 2015

You can feel it, the brisk morning air, the cool nights – fall is here! If you love to be outdoors, fall is one of the best seasons to take your workouts outside. The cooler air offers a break from the hot summer heat and let’s your body push a little further. Here are some of the best workouts for fall.

Cross Country Running

If you like to run, autumn is the perfect time to hit the trail. Cross country running is not only an excellent chance to change the scenery from your typical run through the neighborhood; a trail run offers a variety of terrain and can present a more challenging workout.


Much like a trail run, hiking is much better in the fall. You’ll get a quality workout and you can take in some incredible fall colors and scenery. A day-hike will give you a good cardio workout and will have your legs burning too.


A time honored chore in the fall is raking leaves. All though you may sigh in disgust as you look at the leaves collecting on your yard, this chore presents itself as a good workout opportunity. Raking will help you burn quite a few calories and, if you’re looking for a little challenge, try adding weight to your rake for a tougher workout. Ask anyone who has raked, and they’ll vouch for the quality of exercise a simple rake session will give you.

Chopping Wood

Chopping wood is another workout disguised as a chore. Grab your ax and you’ll get a tough upper body workout. You’ll use every muscle from shoulders to your abs. This calorie burner is a great power booster.

Join a League

Whether it’s a flag football team, basketball or ultimate Frisbee team; fall gives you many opportunities to join a team sport. This is a fun way to get plenty of exercise with friends. Plus, the bragging rights that come with a win will push you to work harder.

Take advantage of the foliage and cool weather and get outside for a workout. Your Fitness Together® personal trainer can help design a fall workout routine that will help you meet your fitness goals. If you do not have a personal trainer, you can find one at


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