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Surefire Ways to Make Your Resolutions Stick

Jan 11, 2017

With the promise and excitement of New Year’s Day far in the rearview mirror, how are you doing with your resolutions? It’s still awfully early in the year, so chances are you’re going pretty strong. However, if you’re afraid that this year’s list of good intentions may fall by the wayside (much like those of previous years, if we’re going to be honest), we’d like to equip you with some surefire tips to make sure this year’s list of resolutions are ones that will become actual lifestyle changes.

  • Baby steps.Rather than one giant-sized resolution, how about a series of moderately-sized ones that will ultimately lead you to the grander-scale life change?For example, if your ultimate goal is to quit a fierce diet soft drink habit, maybe start with a goal of drinking 70 ounces of lemon water a day.Once that is met, then set and meet a goal of having only 3 soft drinks a week.And keep going from there until your habit is history.Meeting a series of mini goals will help your confidence, and keep up your momentum.
  • Make it good.Declaring a resolution that you only feel lukewarm about isn’t doing you any favors.If your goal is centered on something that you feel really strongly about, then taking the steps to meet it will be exciting rather than drudgery.(Hint: Don’t let someone else tell you what your resolutions should be.Yours should come from you.)
  • Network well.For best results, adopt the “it takes a village” approach to meeting your goals.Reach out to friends and acquaintances – especially those who have found success meeting the resolution you’re after.Get their tips and advice, and try out their methods.Granted, goal-meeting is not a one-size-fits-all exercise, but there’s a decent chance that what worked for your friend may work for you as well.Also, at Fitness Together, you happen to have a valuable network.Your trainer is not only your “workout boss,” he or she is also a tremendous source of support and advice.
  • Plan and schedule.Add in regular checkpoints into your calendar as times when you can do an honest assessment of how you’re doing, and the progress you’re making.These checkpoints can be good opportunities to step things up a bit if you’ve slowed down, as well as good motivation-boosters.Also, be sure to give yourself a deadline (before 2018!) for when you want your goal met.
  • Keep confident.Let’s face it – slip-ups are inevitable.Don’t let mistakes talk you out of continuing to work toward your goal.Did you know that people with high self-esteem are more likely to meet their goals?Tell yourself regularly that you’re strong, capable, and worthy of succeeding.You can do this.

Nelson Mandela once said, “It always seems impossible until it is done.” Your resolution wouldn’t mean so much to you if it was easy. Plus, if it were easy, you would’ve achieved it already. At Fitness Together, we care about your goals as much as you do. Plus, we’ve got the tools, support, and knowledge you need to turn your health resolutions into a healthy reality.


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