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Six Healthier Activities You Can Do With Your Family on Thanksgiving Day

Nov 7, 2018

Once the holiday season starts, it may seem like everyone is throwing in the towel when it comes to their health and fitness goals. But that certainly doesn't have to be the case. There is no better time to get moving and feel good than when you are gathered with family, especially on Thanksgiving Day — a day known for inactivity and overeating.

Yes, you can enjoy turkey, stuffing and all the fixings on the holiday, but adding a few healthier activities that you can do with your family will keep you on track and feeling amazing.

And some of these are just plain funway better than sitting around and watching TV in your sweatpants all day.

1. Register for a turkey trot 5K

You know what’s awesome about Thanksgiving Day turkey trots? They are made with families in mind, and there’s no pressure to go fast. Find a local race, register your family and get out there and walk, jog or run. If you tell your family a few weeks in advance, it may even encourage them (and you) to up your jogging a bit to get in shape for the event.

2. Have a cooking contest

Are you the one stuck in the kitchen preparing all the food on Thanksgiving Day? This year get your kids and others involved too. Challenge your family to finding a side dish that includes at least two vegetables. Take a group vote on the top choices and then enlist help on Thanksgiving Day to get that dish made. Bonus points for submitting lightened-up desserts and cocktails too.

3. Get outside and play like kids

Who says kids are the only ones who get to run around like crazy and throw things? As adults, we get lazy, sedentary and way too serious. Why not plan a huge game of dodgeball, softball, tag or even red-light/green-light with your family? You will get fresh air, bonding time and most importantly — activity!

4. Do a family yoga session

There are actually yoga poses that aid in digestion. And it just feels good to stretch. Find a slow and gentle yoga session online and stream it for the family before or after your meal. Yes, pajamas are totally acceptable for this, and nobody needs to be nervous about not being flexible, because that’s not the point of doing yoga. Although it may seem like yoga is nothing but stretching, doing yoga is actually an incredibly beneficial activity for both the mind and the body, which people of all ability levels can do. Doing yoga can reduce symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression and improve lung capacity, flexibility, strength, balance and mobility, while also helping you to sleep better too. And once again, it just feels good to stretch.

5. Schedule a post-meal walk or bike ride

When that full feeling hits after your big Thanksgiving feast, it’s not the time to slither over to the couch to lay down. Instead, it’s the time to move, walk around leisurely and help the digestive process too. Let your crew know that there’ll be a post-feast walk or bike ride.

6. Have a hydration challenge

When the wine is flowing, water is often forgotten. Challenge your family to see who can drink the most water on the holiday, and the winner gets a back-rub!

Thanksgiving Day is a very special time to hang out with your loved ones and enjoy each other’s company. Try switching things up this year by getting your family involved in some healthier activities, and you’ll all feel better than ever.

Photo Credits: Liderina


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