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Setting BIG Goals and Seeing BIG Results

Feb 1, 2017

Do you plan to watch the big game this weekend? If so, what is your favorite aspect of the game? Is it the Halftime Show? The much-anticipated commercials? Seeing the arguably best-performing teams and players face off for a showdown of skill and endurance? Is it the delicious game time snacks? We’re with you – we like all of those things, and more, about this yearly football frenzy. However, we also like to take a moment to put ourselves in the minds of the players. When you think about how many lifelong dreams and goals are being realized at the first words of The Star Spangled Banner, and watch the players who line the field, it’s breathtaking. It can put a whole new spin on the game. To think that this moment for every one of these players started with a dream, and then a goal.

Speaking of goals . . . . how are your fitness goals coming along? More importantly, do you have any fitness goals right now? You might have started to exercise because of a desired lifestyle or body shape change. And good for you, you’ve started to make fitness a priority by sticking to your sessions with your trainer, and working hard. However, even your best intentions can become lackluster, and it can be hard to stick to the lifestyle you know you want.

The Goal

Is there something that you’ve always wanted to do, but were never sure if you’d be strong or fit enough to see it through? Have you been wanting to enter a 5k or 10k race? Or maybe even a half-marathon? Or, is there a bucket list-worthy trip you’ve been wanting to take that involves a breathtaking hike or swim that has caused you to put it off? Think about paddle boarding on Lake Tahoe, horseback riding at Grand Teton National Park, or, even more exotic, hiking through Penang National Park in Malaysia ( These experiences would be wonderful, but made slightly less enjoyable if you’re not healthy or fit enough to fully participate. Friends, we challenge you to SET THAT GOAL. This is your first step to taking what you want from a nice fantasy into a plausible reality.

Be Vocal

After your goal has been firmly set, be vocal about it. Tell your friends and family about what you want to accomplish, and when you plan to do it, so they can serve as cheerleaders and encouragers. And then take steps to get there. Start a savings plan. Book tickets. Register online. Make it official.

Tell Your Trainer

After that, let your trainer know exactly what you want to do, and when you plan to do it. He or she will start increasing your cardio endurance and your strength in the muscles you’ll be working. Not only that, your trainer will help you to tweak your meal planning with the right balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fats to get you primed and ready. You CAN meet your lifelong goal, and your trainer can help. Now, unlike the big game this weekend, your adventure might not attract millions of worldwide viewers, but it just might be a life-changing, life-improving experience. And when the moment comes and you’ve arrived at meeting your goal, your hard work will have been worth it.


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