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Set SMART Goals for Real Results

Feb 3, 2015

Goals, goals, everywhere there’s goals that help you overcome obstacles and set you in the right direction. Do this, don’t do that, that’s the nature of goals. But, to convert your goals into actionable steps that realize results, it’s important to set SMART goals – specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. And, when it comes to goals associated with living a healthy and fit lifestyle, Fitness Together suggests including these SMART guidelines to help you look good and feel great in the New Year.

Strength Train

Incorporating strength training into your workout routine can help speed up your metabolism so you continue burning calories long after your workout. Building strength also can help you get leaner, stronger and in a better position to meet your health and fitness goals for the New Year.

Move Every Day

Getting up and moving throughout the day sounds pretty simple. But, if you aren’t aware of how much time you spend sitting in front of your computer at work, driving in your car or attending classes at school, you soon may find yourself sitting for hours at a time. Break up your day by setting an alarm, or wearing a fitness gadget that reminds you to get up at regular intervals, to ensure that you are moving every day.

Attention to Portion Sizes

The amount of food you put on your plate can make a big difference in accomplishing your weight loss goals. Measure out your portions to get a sense of what an actual serving size looks like. And, use smaller plates to help you avoid overfilling and overstuffing yourself.

Refuel Properly After Workouts

To get the most out of your workout, it’s important to feed your body with nutritious food following your session. A healthy combination of lean proteins, complex carbohydrates and good fats can fuel your body in the important stage of recovery so you’re properly prepared for your next workout.

Train Hard

Just because you show up for a workout doesn’t mean that you’ll see the results you’re looking for. To get the most out of your time in the gym, it’s important to maintain a proper level of intensity both mentally and physically throughout your workout session. A great way to ensure that you train hard and safe in every workout is to hire a personal trainer who can push and motivate you when you need it.

The personal training experts at Fitness Together provide custom workouts designed to help you meet your health and fitness goals. Certified personal trainers will push you just hard enough to get the results you've been looking for – all in the privacy of our studio. If you’re ready to get started with accomplishing SMART health and fitness goals this year, visit to find the studio nearest you.


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