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Safe Ways to Stay Active When Temperatures Drop

Jan 20, 2015

Even with the motivation of New Year’s resolutions pushing you to be healthy and active, it can still be difficult to stay consistent with your workouts when it’s cold and dark outside. To stay active during the often less-than-favorable winter month weather, Fitness Together suggests the following tips to keep you moving when the temperatures drop.

Layer Up

Wearing the appropriate clothes and gear during the winter months can be essential to your success when exercising outside. Layering with breathable, wicking material can help keep your body temperature at appropriate levels. And, making sure to wear gloves, socks, hats and scarves can help keep your extremities warm during cold weather activities. But, even when you choose to work out inside, it’s important to wear warm layers over your workout clothes when traveling in/out from your home and gym to help maintain your health and wellness during the winter.

Take Regular Breaks

If you choose to brave the cold weather while exercising or enjoying active winter activities like skiing or snowshoeing, it’s important to take regular inside breaks to warm up your body, especially when it’s below freezing outside. Limiting your outdoor exposure time can help you maintain the proper body temperature and reduce the risk of common cold weather conditions such as frostbite.

Take It Inside

Treadmills and spin bikes are nothing close to the real thing of riding and cycling outdoors. But, when winter conditions take over your outdoor workout environment, it’s better to take your exercise session inside instead rather than bailing on your workout. To turn your indoor workout into a more positive experience, seek out ways to try new workouts, activities or class. Go for an indoor swim, use your gym’s climbing wall for a new total body workout or work with a personal trainer to start incorporating more strength training into your exercise routine so you’re stronger and more fit when the temperatures are more favorable to resume your outdoor workout routine.

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