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Quick Tips to Incorporate Strength Training into Your Cardio Workouts

Mar 17, 2015

It's hard enough time to find time for your cardio workouts, right? With a busy schedule, how are you going to find time to include a separate strength workout in your week? By simply adding a few strength exercises into your cardio workouts, you can achieve a full-body workout within the same session. There are many ways to accomplish this, and your Fitness Together trainer can help determine what’s best for your body. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Circuit Training
This is a little switch from your standard cardio workout, but it promises to be a full-body workout. Circuit training is a series of exercises that provide both strength and cardio workouts. For example, you’ll do a series of push-ups, pull-ups, squats, walking lunges or dips as one round. Do not rest in between each exercise and your heart and muscles will be pumping.

Tabata is an intense form of circuit training. It is a series of exercises where you work for 20 seconds, you rest for 10 seconds, and repeat eight times. Either keep the same workout or switch up throughout the eight rounds. Some good exercises for this would be burpees, mountain climbers, high knees, curls or shoulder presses. There are many more ideas; ask your Fitness Together personal trainer with are best.

Mix up the Cardio
Rather than going for a standard run, try doing 20 minutes of a full-body workout to supplement your cardio workouts. These are intense exercises followed by a rest — much like circuits or Tabata. Try riding a spin bike with resistance set at 90%, battle ropes or sprints up a hill.

It does not have to be just cardio workouts or strength workouts; use these ideas to get a solid full-body workout. Consult with your Fitness Together trainer to find a combination that works best for you.


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