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Olympic Training in Your Neighborhood Studio

Aug 10, 2016

Have you been watching the Olympics? We sure have. It’s hard to not become enthralled with the impressive athletic showmanship and competition, keeping an eye on who’s winning the most gold, silver, and bronze medals all the while (Go, USA!). We discussed last week some different things that, believe it or not, you have in common with these incredible athletes. To piggy-back on that a little, there’s another commonality to discuss, and it’s a biggie. You and these men and women have all figured out one great, success-boosting secret to getting and keeping fit: the personal trainer, or coach.

They challenge you, inspire you, drive you crazy, and keep tabs on your fitness like no one else. Their main objective is to get you as healthy and fit as you want to be, and they’re awfully persistent in that pursuit. Although sometimes you may want them to not pay quite as close attention to your progress (or lack thereof), they are a pretty valuable tool on your path to health.

Here we have the top five Olympian workout tips, right from the coaches’ playbook, that could benefit you today. Your trainer at Fitness Together® will be quite happy to help you get them just right, we’re sure.

  1. Gymnasts’ physique:
    Have your trainer help you perfect your planks, crunches, and back-strengthening. Any coach or personal trainer will tell you that without a strong core, any other fitness endeavors are futile. You can work your biceps with dumbbells all you want, but one wrong move and a tweaked back could have you out for weeks. A strong core should be the basis, and beginning, for any specialized training.
  2. Divers’ legs:
    Start with jogging, then gradually move to fast-paced running for 10-20 minutes at a time. Eventually work up to high skips, bringing your knee to your chest with each skip. The goal here is to pretend your feet are on springs, and focus on height and power with these skips.
  3. Melo’s endurance:
    Basketball is all about being able to turn on the power and speed at a moment’s notice, and go full-force. Have your trainer guide you through some interval training routines, where you go at max speed and power for 30-60 seconds, take 20 seconds to “rest” at a lower speed, and then rev up again for another high-speed rep. Repeat this cycle for 15-20 minutes, and watch the slam-dunk effect it has on your endurance.
  4. Golfers’ . . . well, everything:
    With golf, strong backs, stomachs, buttocks, legs, and arms are key to those long drives. Sure, golf may not require the same heart-pounding endurance as some other sports, but it requires conditioning and strengthening all the same. To train for the twisting, rotation, and strength needed for powerful swings, your trainer can work you through some core-building sets of Russian twists, glute bridges, lateral squats, and the utilization of exercise bands around your ankles for hip-strengthening.
  5. Volleyball players’ agility:
    Olympian Kerri Walsh Jennings favors some reps of short-distance sprinting, followed by plyometric training to improve the power and height of in-game jumps. From tuck jumps, to skaters, to lateral barrier jumps, your trainer can work out a routine that’s right for you.

Basketball superstar Michael Jordan once said, “Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.” World-class athlete or not, having your trainer in your corner helps ensure that the change and improvement you want to see in your body becomes a reality. Go for the GOLD!


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