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How Your Trainer Can Be Your Resolution's Best Friend

Jan 4, 2017

It’s 2017, and everywhere you turn you hear talk about New Year’s resolutions – how to make them, how NOT to break them, and ideas for what yours should be. If you’ve made a couple resolutions yourself, you’re not alone. In fact, estimates that 45% of Americans are said to make resolutions at least some of the time at the beginning of a new year.

The list of most popular resolutions may come as no shock to you. What you may find surprising, however, is just how big of a role your trainer can play in helping you meet so many of your goals. Below we’ve listed some of the top resolutions for 2017, and how a trainer is your ticket to achieving them.

  • Get in shape.Sure, this one is a gimme.That’s the whole idea of a personal trainer – to get you fit and healthy.What you may not realize, though, is just how effective working with a trainer can be, compared with working out on your own.With a trainer, you’re more likely to exercise regularly, less likely to quit, and more likely to be successful with your weight loss or get-healthy goals.

  • Get organized.When one area of your life is structured and under control, other aspects of your life will likely follow.Order breeds order (much like chaos breeds chaos).If you have regular scheduled appointments with your trainer, the rest of your to-do list is more likely to fall in line as well.

  • Spend less money.Yes, we can even help with this one.Even though utilizing a personal trainer does cost money, we’d like to argue that we’re actually saving you money in the long run.In April of 2016, found that Americans spend $60 billion dollars annually on trying to lose weight.And since there are about 75 million Americans actively trying to shed pounds at any given moment, that comes out to $800 per person, per year spent on dieting/getting healthy.Pair that with the sad fact that people usually fail at 3 out of every 4 dieting attempts.That’s $2400 per person that is simply wasted on unsuccessful attempts.At Fitness Together, our expert trainers cut to the chase and teach you exactly what you need to do with your fitness and diet to be successful with your get-healthy resolutions.No fads, and no guesswork – just your success.

  • Get more sleep.If you’ve spent your share of restless nights followed by dreary and bleary mornings, you know the toll that lack of sleep can take on the rest of your daily life.Without adequate sleep your immune system, your concentration level, your mood, and your production all fly out the window.It’s no wonder that this resolution made the list.

Lucky for you, regular exercise can actually improve the quality of your sleep. For one, exercise lowers feelings of depression and anxiety which can interfere with quality sleep. Also, depending on what time of day you exercise, it can help your body reset its circadian rhythm. The drop in body temperature a few hours after you exercise can trigger sleepiness. However, the exercise/fatigue cycle can vary widely, so play around with scheduling your trainer appointments at different times of the day, and see which session time improves your sleep the most.

At Fitness Together, you’re never flying solo with working toward your resolutions. Your goals are our goals, and we’re thrilled to be able to help you meet them.


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