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How to Stay Healthy During Spring Break

Mar 22, 2017

If you’ve got kids, or know kids, or are in school yourself, chances are you’ve got Spring Break looming ahead. A week off from regularly structured activities right when Spring Fever is hitting can be a wonderful thing. Several days to play, sightsee, enjoy the sun (or snow, as the case may be), and just goof around is much-needed. However, if you’re not careful, a week of vacation can also wreak some pretty serious havoc on your hard-earned healthy habits. Just when you’ve gotten a firm hold on your New Year’s resolutions, the evil temptations of springtime treats and lazy lounging come a-knocking. In case you need some inspiration and ideas for how to hold firm to your nutrition and fitness goals, EVEN during Spring Break, we’ve got you covered.

If you’re traveling:

One of the most enjoyable aspects of travel is to enjoy new and different foods, right? And there’s no reason why you shouldn’t. And if you do a little careful planning, you can have your cake and your health, too.

  1. Keep up the exercise routine. Utilize the hotel gym, or tag along with the folks you’re visiting to their gym. It can be exciting to try out a new workout facility or a new group fitness class. Even better, spring for a double trainer session and treat your loved one.
  2. If you’re going to eat out, walk there. And why not lengthen your walk to enjoy some sights on the way? Upping your activity level while on vacation won’t totally negate the extra calories that will tempt you, but it’s way better than nothing.
  3. And once you’re seated, eschew the munchables. Say “no, thank you” to the bread basket, the chips, or the high-fat appetizers. Yes, of course you’re starving after your power walk to get there, but you’ll be better off asking for a raw veggie platter with low-cal dressing or hummus. And also? Make like a Kindergartener and share. Sharing your entrée may allow you some extra room to share a dessert, too.
  4. Plan one “eat-in” meal per day. Not only will this save you a little cash, but you’ll be able to be fully in charge of your food intake and nutrition once a day. Pack healthy high-protein, high-fiber options like plain oatmeal packets, protein bars, and protein powder. And then scour the local grocery store or farmer’s market to up the nutrition with some fresh produce.

If you’re stay-cationing:

  1. Play tourist. Take walking tours of your city’s sights and attractions. Many feature free guided tours. Even if you’ve been there before, you’ll be surprised at how much you can learn and appreciate about your hometown. Or hop in the car for a small trip to the next town over and explore their attractions.
  2. Try a new place to shop. If you don’t go on a regular basis, make an effort to shop at the Asian, Indian, Spanish, or Mexican markets. Explore the goods, and buy enough food to make two days’ worth of healthy meals. Not sure what to buy? The owners or employees will likely be only too happy to make some delicious suggestions.
  3. Keep your regular schedule with your trainer. In fact, see if you can bring a family member or two along just this once. It will be fun for them to see firsthand what is keeping you so fit and healthy. Plus, the Cardio Together program, the killer strength training, and the nutrition counseling you enjoy might just inspire them to take on a few health goals of their own.

Spring Break doesn’t have to be a break from your healthy endeavors. In fact, fitness and health can enhance your vacation with a little planning and inspiration. Time with your family can, and should, be a time of health and fun. Enjoy, and happy spring!


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