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How to Get Your Body Ready for Fall

Aug 30, 2017

Football fans come in varying degrees of devotion, ranging between those who will perhaps turn on the game if their home team is in the playoffs or the Big Game (the commercials are good, right?), to those who know every players’ statistics and would rather lose a toe than miss a game. And now that football preseason is upon us, it got us thinking about the preseason training that professional players go through to make sure they’re at the top of their game, literally. It has to be a stressful time for these wanna-be players. They’re playing their hearts out trying to prove their worth, their chances of getting injured are the highest during this time (almost 10 out of 1000 athletes will sustain an injury during preseason), and come Labor Day when the roster is cut, they could find themselves off the team with no explanation or warning. Not pretty, huh?

What about your own preseason season? Luckily, your own early-fall training routine doesn’t have to be nearly as harsh as that of professional athletes (never mind that you’re not getting paid big bucks to toss a pigskin around . . .). However, early fall happens to be a great time to refresh and renew your exercise routine. And here’s why:

  • You may have a little more time on your hands. If you’ve got school-aged kids (or nieces and nephews, neighbors, grandkids), suddenly you’re finding yourself spending far less time picking up endless socks and shoes, making lunches and snacks all throughout the day, and monitoring the “science experiments” being held in your bathroom. Why not fill some of that time with more frequent trainer sessions? Or at least a stricter fitness routine?
  • Late-summer fitness feels an awful lot like fun. With the cooler mornings and evenings, it can be exhilarating to treat yourself to a sunrise or twilight walk or jog. Also, activities like early leaf-peeping or produce-picking at the local farm can easily turn into workouts with a little careful planning.
  • It’s back-to-school time, right? Take a cue from the wee ones and learn something new. Have you always wanted to train for a 5k? Or learn a new style of dancing? Or finally see what all the fuss is about pickleball? Developing a new skill keeps our minds actually builds connections between neurons in our brain, not to mention how it can re-spark our passion for fitness. Also, learning new things releases a rush of dopamine in the brain and can make time move more slowly, in a good way.
  • You’ve got more room. We love kids, but MAN they can take up a lot of space. Enjoy the lovely late-summer sun and reacquaint yourself with your local tourist spots now that far fewer kids are there. Powerwalk through the zoo or the museum, canoe at the lake, or even hit the amusement park. HINT: You may want to call first to see if they’ve got multiple school field trips scheduled that day.

If you do decide to learn a new fitness skill, your trainer can make sure your muscles are ready too. We look forward to helping you develop and achieve your health goals, no matter what they are. And if it’s been awhile since we’ve seen you, don’t worry. We get it – summer is really busy. Just give us a call, come in to meet with your trainer, and you’ll be back on a regular schedule in no time.


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