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How to Get a Jump Start on Managing Your Holiday Stress

Nov 14, 2018

Why is it that the most wonderful time of the year can also be the most stressful? The year-end projects at work, the planning of family get-togethers, the juggling of social calendars, gift shopping, decorating and so much more — there is a lot to handle during the last two months of the year. Rather than let it all come at you like a ton of bricks, why not get a jump start now on managing your stress? Here’s how …

Schedule and plan your workouts in your calendar

Even if it seems like the last thing you want to do is have another commitment on your calendar, planning your regular workouts each week will give you a chance to do something for your health, your fitness, your mental sanity and your energy levels too. Reach out to a Fitness Together personal trainer today ( to help you get a plan in place. And once those workouts are on your calendar for the next two months, make sure you follow through and complete them all, because you’ll feel great after every single session and be better able to handle what else comes along in your day.

Prioritize your social commitments and learn to say “no” as needed

It’s not always easy to say no, but sometimes you have to. Picture your days, your weeks, your weekends and your holidays and know how often you want to be out at night and gone on the weekends. If you decide one party a week is plenty, then there’s your limit. It’s okay to say no to invitations. Choosing to stay home could be better for you than attending just another holiday soiree.

Do all of your shopping online in one fell swoop

If you have a lot of people to shop for, shopping online during all of the holiday deals around Thanksgiving time is a great way to do it. Write out everyone you need to shop for, think of a few ideas for each person, and pencil in a two or three-hour window to get online and get all of your shopping complete. It may also be a good idea to order a few extra small “hostess” gifts to have on hand for when you attend any holiday parties. Unless you love walking the mall, save yourself the hassle and knock out your shopping as quickly as you can using the beauty of technology.

Start your morning with deep breathing and meditation

There’s no better way to manage stress than beginning a meditation practice, and the holidays are the perfect time to do this. Set aside five to ten minutes after you wake up each morning to sit and be alone with your thoughts. Meditating has proven benefits to help you to make better decisions all day and be able to look at things with a more positive and level-headed perspective too. If you’re not sure what to do, download the app Headspace ( for free guided short meditations. And don’t forget to breathe!

Just because everyone else is stressed this holiday season doesn't mean you need to be. Start planning now to make this your easiest season yet!

Photo Credit: Mariusz Blach


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