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How To Fall In Love With Fitness

Feb 14, 2018

Think about something you LOVE doing. Participating in your favorite hobbies should make you feel happy and good about yourself! Whether it’s painting, dancing, traveling or reading, whatever it is, when you truly love doing something, you make time for it. You look forward to it all day and can’t wait to get back to it! We all have busy schedules, but you wouldn’t miss it for the world.

You participate in these things because they make you feel awesome and your life is much better for it. No one tells you to do it, you don’t do it out of fear of feeling guilt if you don’t, you don’t do it because it’s what other people are doing, you do it because you LOVE it!

Does exercise make your list of something you LOVE doing? If not, we’re here to tell you that it can.

If your sole purpose of exercising is losing weight, chances are it won’t be something you can fall in love with. If you aren’t in love with exercise, if it’s not something you learn to look forward to, chances are you won’t stick with it. You probably won’t get the results you want either.

If exercising feels more like a chore and it’s something you dislike doing, here are a few ways you can learn to love it:

  • Jump start your fitness lifestyle by working out first thing in the morning, right when you wake up! By doing this, you have very little time to talk yourself out of going. Nothing will have come up throughout the day to derail you from your goals. You won’t even have time to dread going! If you’re not yet in love with fitness, the first thing that will get the boot during a busy day is your training time. Get it done early.

  • Find an exercise you don’t hate. There are so many different ways to exercise these days. You don’t have to stick to running or lifting weights (unless of course you love doing those things). What’s important is that you are moving your body. Maybe you like spinning or cycling, yoga, dance, basketball or rock climbing? Try out different things and change it up. Find something that gets you out of bed in the morning!

  • Grab a friend! You’re much less likely to abandon your fitness and health goals when you’re being held accountable for them. A great way to create accountability is to workout with a friend or in a group! It can make your workout more fun too!

  • Get some new gear! They say, when you look good, you feel good! It might sound superficial, but getting some new workout clothes can really increase your motivation and make you feel more confident.

Perhaps what’s most important is that you find your “why”. Your “why” shouldn’t be focused on just losing weight or your appearance. If it is, you may view It as a chore and experience feelings of guilt, frustration and even obsession. Often times, our physical appearance and weight won’t change right away either. If you’re just looking for the number on the scale to go down, you may end up giving up after not seeing the results you want fast enough.

Getting in shape and creating a healthier lifestyle takes a lot of determination, and many people don’t see results until they invest a significant amount of time and effort. Spend your time doing an exercise that you absolutely love and learn to find your love for fitness. Your body will love you for it and you’ll give yourself a better chance at seeing the results you’ve been dreaming of!


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