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How Kathy Lost 60 Pounds with Accountability and Consistency

Jan 23, 2019

When Kathy Boulanger started to hear of her older friends and family members being told by doctors that they’d eventually need to get a knee or hip replaced, she knew she had to turn things around for her own health so she didn’t go down that path too.

With no exercise history and quite a bit of weight to lose, Kathy found Fitness Together Northborough in Massachusetts and decided to give personal training a try. She had never worked with a personal trainer before and had only dabbled on walking on the treadmill with various gym memberships, which never stuck. She had high blood pressure, low energy and was worried about her future if she kept doing things the way she was.

“I really wanted to lose weight and learn how to exercise properly,” said Kathy. “I knew right away that Fitness Together was the right choice for me, because I’ve always wanted to work with a personal trainer so I wouldn’t get injured and do it safely, and the minute I started at Fitness Together, I loved the one-on-one personal attention and how they built me up.”

When Kathy went in for her first session at Fitness Together Northborough in May 2017, her personal trainers, Garrett and Scott, took her through fitness assessments, discussed her goals and then created an exercise and nutrition program tailored exactly to her needs. Kathy was asked to track her food meticulously (even on the weekends, a standard with the Nutrition Together program), show up for three workouts a week and start making better choices with her snacks and meals and portions without giving up the foods she loved — with guidance from her trainers every step of the way.

In a little over a year-and-a-half, with the help of her team at Fitness Together, Kathy lost 60 pounds and went down from a size 18 to a size 4 in jeans.

“I used to hate to go clothes shopping and have to look in the mirror at myself,” she said. “Now I enjoy it, because I feel and look so good.”

When Kathy started training at Fitness Together Northborough, she could barely complete one full sit-up, nor hold a plank on her knees. These days, she’s completing 30 full sit-ups in a row and holding a plank on her toes for more than 90 seconds. But it’s the performance outside of the gym that gets Kathy even more excited.

“I work in an old building with a lot of stairs, and I used to get so winded heading up to my office each day,” she said. “Now, I fly up those stairs. And I can also clean my house for hours without needing a break. I just have more energy and stamina.”

Perhaps what has made Kathy so successful with her lifestyle changes is the accountability of working with a team of trainers who really care for her well-being. Kathy never wanted to disappoint her trainers, and they continued to support her every single workout inside and outside of the studio — always an email or a phone call away.

“Kathy followed our program almost 100 percent,” said Garrett Zagunis, one of her trainers. “She is a perfect example that you get out of any program what you put into it. She put everything she had into it and those are the kind of results she got.”

Kathy’s current fitness and nutrition goal is to maintain her weight loss and continue getting stronger with new challenges. She gets a new program every six weeks and completes a fitness assessment every six weeks too.

“My trainers know me and push me in just the right way, and they know my limits, and I love that,” said Kathy. “And because of them, I’m an overall happier person — and my friends and family can’t believe how good I look.”

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