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How Fitness Together Gives Clients More Than Just Workouts

Dec 26, 2018

“It’s not just about weight loss,” says Stacy Adams, a Fitness Together studio owner and trainer. “You can truly see a change in someone when they improve their whole lifestyle.”

And that’s the kind of change that Fitness Together helps to facilitate at each of its studios, with comprehensive nutrition, wellness and even accountability programs.

“Without the full approach, you are doing a disservice to your clients,” she said. “If you just do the workouts, you don’t get results. At Fitness Together, we like to offer all the pieces of the puzzle and be a one-stop shop, so people don’t have to go to multiple places.”

In fact, it was the breadth of services and private-tailored approach that drew Adams to the Fitness Together company years ago. She joined Fitness Together as a manager of a studio and then jumped at the opportunity to open her own location in Central Georgetown a few years later, and she’s now been with the company for more than a decade.

We spoke to Adams to find out more about what she loves about being involved with the Fitness Together system:

(FT) What kind of clients do you work with?

(SA) We work with clients ranging from 10-years-old all the way to 93-years-old. Most of our clients are 50 or older, and they are working executives or retired executives. And because of our location, some of our clients are only living in the area for part of the year, so we have a unique situation.

(FT) How do you combine fitness with nutrition to make a holistic program for your clients?

(SA) From the very beginning, we say that we only want to work with people who want the whole approach — not just the workouts.

We do a genotype testing on our clients, which tells us how they metabolize macronutrients and other nutrients, and it also tells us whether cardio or weight training is better suited for their individual make-up.

Once we have that information, we’re able to create proposed macronutrient guidelines for the client, and create their individualized nutrition program too. We are even able to offer them recipes based on their unique genotype. They can access the recipes and a ton of information on a web-based portal, so it’s available to them anywhere, not just when they’re in the studio with us.

We also do some coaching on behavioral management to see what is standing in the way of the success for each client, and we help coach them on improving their sleep and stress, how to stay healthy while they travel, as well as how to get their families involved.

(FT) How have you been so successful at helping your clients improve their health?

(SA) One of the biggest things we do for our busy clients is keep them accountable. We make sure that every single client has communication with three touch-points or three trainers/staff at all times they visit the studio. That way, they can have a relationship with more than one person.

We like to find out the motivating factor for each client in the beginning and then use that to keep them coming back, so they stick with it.

We set up Google reminders on our client’s calendars for their workouts, we text them, we call them, and we never go more than a week without speaking to or seeing them.

We also have a very strong assessment program and reassess our clients every six weeks no matter what, so they always have check-ins and have to be accountable for their progress.

(FT) What are some of your favorite transformation stories?

(SA) We get a lot of people who started out with us hating to work out, so it is great when they are coming in multiple days a week and enjoying it.

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