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How can having a workout partner help me?

May 13, 2014

Billy Pratt
FT Avon

"One word: Accountability.  Sure, there are other benefits like having someone push you when you’re not feeling like pushing yourself or checking your form.  But ultimately the clearest benefit to having a workout partner is knowing that someone else is counting on you to show up and work out.  Arguably, consistency is the key to getting results with any program.  And with the knowledge that someone else is relying on you, the decision to remain consistent in working out is a much easier one to make."

Blake Beckcom
FT Mission Hills

"Training partners can provide some real benefit IF you are training with someone on the same level and chasing the same goals. Having a buddy in the trenches to help you push that next rep -- or not bail out on the moves you like least that do you the most good -- is of high value.

"The partner creates accountability on several levels, and if done properly provides a modicum of safety in having someone watch over you and vice versa. It’s hard to skip a workout when your buddy is there waiting for you to show. The energy he or she brings to the workout will be contagious.  And if one of you is in a funk, the other will probably help dig you out of it.

"The key is to choose your training partner carefully. It is said that in tennis, if you want to be a better tennis player choose a partner that is a better tennis player than you.  In fitness you want to be on par, or as close to that as you can, so that one does not push themselves so hard that they either can not keep up and become mentally defeated or get hurt."

Bruce Kelly
FT Media

"There are very few dedicated people that can consistently train on their own. So for the vast majority of people a training partner or partners can serve several purposes: more accountability, higher motivation (very few people can avoid the urge to push harder), a spotter for exercises that require it, and moral support to get you through those moments of doubt. The challenge is in finding a training partner that closely matches your training goals, style and experience.  But this is certainly not an impossible barrier."

Billy Beyer
FT Basking Ridge

"Having a workout partner can help one in a variety of ways. Partners help push each other to achieve the maximum potential in each and every workout. Having one keeps you consistent and on track because you do not want to let your partner down.  It gives you someone with whom to share ideas on nutrition and fitness: Two heads are better than one.  And lastly, it makes working out more fun and exciting!"


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