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Healthy Grilling Tips

Jul 7, 2015

As temperatures rise and days run long, you’ve probably stepped outside and taken in the irresistible smell of barbecue. That’s right, all over America, grills are getting lit and meat is sizzling. It’s tempting to slather your meat with thick, tangy, mouthwatering barbecue sauce, but if you are on a diet, this could cause some problems. Before you trash your grill to eliminate the temptation, check out these heart-healthy tips on how to grill healthy. These tips are simple, healthy and make it possible to enjoy the excellent grilling season.

Go Fishing
Okay, you do not actually have to catch your fish. You can if you want, but try grilling fish rather than red meat. Fish is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids that are great for your heart. Salmon, trout and herring are some of the healthier fish you can buy, and they taste great with a nice sear. Whether you are literally catching your fish or fishing in the supermarket, fish is an excellent option for you to enjoy this grilling season.

Treat Your Chicken
So fish isn’t your thing. Chicken is a very healthy option, however, make sure that you buy chicken breasts rather than fattier legs and thighs. Prior to sizzling your chicken, you’ll want to remove the skin. If you are looking for a burger, chicken or turkey burgers are good healthy options.

If You Must Have Meat
If you’re like many people, you just have to have meat on your grill. While not the healthiest option, there are still ways to stay lean with red meat on the grill. When you’re picking out your choice of meat, choose “loin” or “round” cuts of meat. Also, rather than buying “prime” cuts look for “choice” or “select” grades of meat. These cuts have the least amount of fat. Pay attention to the lean to fat ration on your meat. Anything that is 80:20 or better will help limit the amount of fat you are eating. Remember just because these cuts have the least amount of fat, you’ll still need to do a little trim work to get rid of the excess fat.

Grilling is one the best ways to enjoy a summer evening. The good news is it can still be a healthy dinner option if you do it right. For more information on nutrition, visit your local Fitness Together studio and try Nutrition Together. A personal nutrition program created just for Fitness Together. It is one-on-one private nutrition sessions and more to help you meet your goals. Visit to find your local Fitness Together studio.


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